Resource mythic choice?

So, I’ve been using blood magic, but my build has slowly shifted to having a lot less hp, and I feel like I’m wasting precious slots on HP steal. Would desperation be better, or would I run into the same issue with needing slots for MP regen?

blood magic all mp will be add to your hp

Depends on your build for pvp or pve ?

pve. I’m currently progressing through the floor 300’s with a mishmash of mostly poison/blight setup. I do have a vaccuus scipio or whatever with like 98% weapon damage, and one crystal crit chance ring, but mostly it’s +stealth and +cd (haven’t had any crystal cdr so it’s taking up like 3-4 slots right now) for invincibility and then damage.

floor 300 hnmmmm
i think its enough to use “energy” then use taunt as special to your OH since you are using posion plauged type i think thats enough

yeah energy still the best but you can also try fury its awesome

Seems to me like energy wouldn’t produce enough to keep your main shot firing continuously? Or is my math off on that. Fury would probably work for that, that’s not a bad idea.

Taunt is a no go, I need my stealth, but I’ve been using Twister on my MH to group 'em up and melt 'em down.

Edit: So, I decided to give it a whirl, because it’s a pretty cheap mythic to make, and wow… My math was wrong slightly (in a prolonged boss fight I’d SLOWLY lose resource each stealth use), but I also didn’t factor in potions and blue orbs working to recharge energy, which, just the potion would sustain me indefinitely. Energy is pretty beastly! And it boosts damage based on how much you have? Nasty. Thanks guys!

energy boosts damage based on missing energy

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@f00kee i thought energy was reworked to damage based on current energy?

The description on the Wiki makes it sound like it’s based on current energy. I’ll check the dictionary later, see what it says. Assuming the tooltip is correct, of course.

Dictionary description: Increases dmg by current missing energy %

Oh ok…that site should have been updated XD.

I used energy for main attack spam.
I used discordance for special skill spam.

All is well until I used
50% barb
100% push limit
100% glasscannon.
Atm, I can only use I whirlwind then use 2 blue pots to keep attacking. Please advise re resource problems. Tia

@judx It’s because Push the Limit and Barbarian affects the resource costs when you’re using Energy/Fury as Resource system. The only way to fix that is avoid putting those affixes to make your build comfortable. Or change your resource.

@judx discordance and energy are both resource system mythics. Although u can equip both discordance & energy at the same time, only 1 will work.

You can still use Barbarian & push the limit + energy/fury. Just reroll them to get a lower % until your skill cost is where u want it in relation to your total mana. I use fury with 2 PTL rerolled to about 90% which fixed the problem for my build. You could also use +Resource% affix to help with Barbarian problem.

Use equivalence + 45% Reduce CD
No need to worry about barbarian ,PTL and glasscannon.