Resource mythic equivalence

So as usual in PvP I try to stick with the slightly more defensive skills/stats/talents/what ever. The only slightly defensive resource changing mythic is equivalence but I’m really struggling making a build around it. How exactly does equality work so I want my mana and life to be as close as possible for higher dmg bonus? Fury + harmony seems to be the way to go for consistent dmg and some healing. I do have better dmg reduced with equivalence and can spam special alot more. Not really sure what goes into dmg prevented category. Is that like dmg reduced from armor and resist or dmg prevented from dodges and blocks or misses?
I’ll post a build up soon so you have an idea of what I’ve got going on it’s all over the place right now as I am in the middle of a big switch just racking my brain over this. Hard to balance especially with glass cannon p, barbarian and push.

Slightly side not: do not use blood magic with barbarian and glass cannon lol

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Here is one of the builds I was kinda trying out with but I’m like 4 diff variations after this at this point but any suggestions always loved I think I’m around div 3 eternal 1v1 with it.

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As stated in the Dictionary, Equality automatically balances out your HP/MP pool and reduces DMG by 60% of Current HP/MP equality.

The latter means that when your Current HP and MP are equal, it will reduce all DMG by 60%. If you had 100/1000 HP and 100/1000 MP, an attack that would do 100 DMG to you will now do 40. If you had 200/1000 HP and 100/1000 MP or 100/1000 HP and 200/1000 MP, an attack that would do 100 DMG to you will now do 70.