Restored Topic: Slot Purchase Bug

Tried moving this topic to support, failed and deleted topic instead… I’m pretty good at this :smile:


im always amused when playing dungeon quest and I’d like to give you all a pat on the shoulder for creating such a wonderful game!

ive been trying to purchase a character slot, but as soon as I click on the slot to buy, nothing happens. I tried the 3rd slot, still nothing.
we tried it on another phone, and another page popped up to confirm the purchase.

tried to purchase another item, that was the halo as far as I can remember and it took me to the confirmation page.

hope you can help me with this. thanks!!!

[quote]you’re a loser racheerure

device in question is note 2, not rooted, no custom rom.
able to get confirmation page when trying to purchase the items in shop but not when trying to purhase character slot.

onto a different problem though, i can’t seem to restore my purchase after re-installing DQ. bought a character slot way way back. i believe it was when the warrior was 1st released. DQ was crashing on me and was doing same even after trying to restore with titanium backup, so had to re-install without app data. hope you can help with both our problems since it is one of the few games we actually both like.

thanks in advance.