Returning to the game

I have been away from the game for awhile and have just returned and I seem to have missed a lot so I’m slightly confused on a few things. I’ve been reading up and I’m getting the general idea on new changes etc. I noticed that the cs/ms feat reward was nerfed so you don’t get +2 per stack anymore. When I read the patch notes for 1.8. Has it been nerfed further as it seems you only get hero points now for completing these feats. How do you guys get your crystal affix crystals now? I’m looking forward to playing some more and getting some of these new items that have been introduced though!

You get 1 high level CS/MS now for those feats now instead of the imba +2 to all. You can also buy different grades of stones right from the merchant, and there are sets to increase quality of CS/MS dropped.

Cool ty for the info.

@dweller Thanks for coming back and trying out all the up dates as well!