Review after sprint 100 challenge map

probably my lucky day found alot eternal set. also
100 map = 4 lagend map (collect 25 map feat)
1 lagend map from feat kill 100 carto)
total 5 lagend map 3 turn out as eternal map.

As i farm through 100 map. i found alot untargetable carto. and some not biggie bug. well sometime there is no buff shrine in map (i think alot hunter ring user notice this tho) and the common thing about untargetable carto is no buff shrine. i mean almost each time the map doest have buff shrine equal to untargetable carto. maybe the 2 of ihat related to each other.

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Do you know the percentage of getting the eternal map?

idk lol. i just use eternal [eternalized] with 189% ED on my main toon (wizard) and since my wizard build is element based. ir actually boost my damage up to trillion damage. lol. eternal is luck. lmao

Nice hopefully I can get an map drop

1% unless you use Eternalize which boosts it up to 5% (but currently only 4% is obtainable). I can’t wait for 2.1!

Improving set affix ? :open_mouth:
It really has a low chance. A long long time ago since I got a eternal map >.>

I didn’t even know there was eternal maps! That’s exciting!

Lots of changes happenning in 2.1. Eternalize was already buffed so you should use it (same for Crystaline).

Yay. :smiley:
I read before that hiking floors will also have something new.

i dont think improving finding eternal set are must lol. of course it is good helping us to get better thing like maybe eternal pet (i wish i have 1 tho) but making it easier to find eternal are still not so good since dev already implant new feature withis help grinding Ultra rare crystal by salvage item. buffing eternal finder make feat kill 10 lagend monster = 1 mythic monster (drop eternal) look lame. for example if i run on map and found 3 eternal item. it just look like i skipping 30 lagend monster + 3 mythic monster. what actually i hope dev improve is mythic monster feat and mythical affix. like crystalline it boost CS drop rarity also chance for lagend drop as crystal lagend. eternalized no doubt it already had enough since found 1 eternal=/= Skip 10 lagend monster + 1 mythic monster. while mythical only boost MS drop rarity only.

When think about it, MS is the hardest thing to found in dung, ofcourse we can salvage, but in MS case, it more like recycle since u need to invest some crystal making mythic item. also the salvage thing only drop inbetween 2 hingest MS used to craft it withis make salvage mythic item are not wise.

i think dev over do it to help us (player) to get crystal. and forgot about MS. i think CS and MS need to be balance. i dont have good idea on how to improve or balance between CS and MS.

here just some idea.
change reward feat for mythic monster: drop random mythic item with 5 random affix, ofcourse the random affix can be crystal version. but mythic item drop will be lock as mythic item which is mean it CANT drop as eternal mythic item… (crazy idea)
Drop 2-3 MS (Rare-Ultra rare) when kill mythic monster.

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