Reward ads

Anyone like me experiences not playing reward ads? I haven’t played a single reward ad videos both pve and arena since the GDRP update.:anguished:

What device are you on? Apple, Amazon, or Google Android?

I might know what is causing your issue but it depends on what platform you are using and what area of the world you play from.

I’m using google android in SE Asia.



So this is what I think may be the issue (since I am not based in SE Asia I cannot test my theory).
We changed to only using a Google Provided ad service called AdMob.
There is a feature in the most recent update to this service (to comply with GDPR) that will restrict the display of ads to individuals who are a) in the EU (in this case they will not have targeted ads only generic ones) b) do not have any type of location information (in this case the ad type may not be delivered at all).

So, if you are in SE Asia the new ad service may not serve you ads because it doesn’t know what type it needs to actually give you. Since reward videos are almost always localized to the users language perhaps it cannot determine what type to give you and defaults to serving no ad at all.

Alternatively, you could try to find the AdMob folder on your device using a file explorer and deleting that folders contents…maybe there is a “ghost in the machine” that is messing up something with your ad cache and is preventing you from seeing ads.

Hope any of this helps!


@tdaniel you’re a life saver! :laughing: I followed what you said though i haven’t found AdMob folder so I resorted to do a full reset on my device, and it worked out! Now I’m back to my eternal pet hunting. Thank you so much! :grin: