RNG Smiles Upon Us

On the day of January.31.2016, on Act I, Floor 2, Mythic 3, RNGesus smiled upon me, Skaul, and wistfully bestowed upon me a Vacuus Scipio.

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Whaaaat! A lvl 2 vs bow!! Lucky!

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Lol, right? High quality, too. I picked it up off of a shrine champ, and I was like, “Lol, how funny would it be if this was a vacuus?” Then I proceeded to pump my fist and yell.

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Hahaha but still thats awesome right? Haha

Lol let us know how many Peridots you use to take it to 100

Four. Atm. Just need an Amethyst to finish it. Well post picture later :smile:

Just got my first one. I thought of this post when I saw the bow drop and said, “wouldn’t it be funny if…”. Sure enough, landed the VS.

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lol u lucky bustard :grinning:
I remember the only time I got the vs, I looked at its element first. When I realized that it’s Arcane, I almost called the 911! :smiley:


The feeling of the shitting of the pants when you get a super rare drop is like no other.

Welp, just got my second VS. The feeling wasn’t the same but still pretty awesome. Now I need an insolence and nadroji ring to finish up my pre legendex.

Wait – 2 VS in one day!? Within hours of each other?

Yup. Here’s the second one:

RNG~ when it generate “i shall bestow this player 1 VS per 1 monster killed” then a player can have insane VS in a day. sometime when it generate “i shall troll this player” it posible that the player will/can get any rare legend but no VS in 10-1000 years of play. RNG is loot god lol.

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Oh really. I’m glad RGN god sees the good soul in me and he gave me 3 Eternals 3 Crystal legends 4 Nadroji in 4 hours of farming.

Jeez. I probably shouldn’t even read threads like this, it just pisses me off. Here I am grinding 4 minute maps in 191-200 Mythic 3 with crystalline, eternalized, nadroji, max luck/gf/id, and I get junk.

To all those fellow disheartened – don’t give up! We’ll get that unicorn drop soon enough…

wait when it troll u… that time u will know how bad rng god is lol.

Oh yeah he does that everytime i finish Mythic Feat. I always get a crap

He does that every time I use an obsidian…

And here I was on a new character… :sweat_smile:

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He trolls everytime i use amethyst. He also trolls sometimes by giving me no eternals or very little eternals kn some days, other days he gjves me a ton of eternals, crystal legends and sometimes quute a few rare legend.

Got another mutiny gaunlet again! My 3rd one. I did tell you that I hsve 5 inoslance and over 6 mutiny. He troll me jjst as badly on eternal chest too. Buggest troll is when you want a ragnarok chakram or something like that. Also I have not once found a mythstone elixir or crystal obsidian on the ground and same with amethyst!