Rogue 9000F play

we need more reward from high floor…

I hope several debug… many talents, affixs does not applied.


I like your DMG very nice :smile:

I also put a Crushing Blow to my build :grinning: Cool DMG!

But I can’t clear with ‘enemy heal’ affix :cry:

1b gold. I think you are so bored of all that money. Hahahaha. Damage is huge hands down to you.:raised_hand::raised_hand:

guide please

those damage are insane. I wonder why you dont want to show your items = (

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Only way you can achieve that damage is thru a bunch of Eternal items = )

I think this damage causes a crashing blow. And what we see is a 25% health of the enemy. the more health the enemy has, the more damage the game will show. On 9200 enemies have insane health

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show your equips :smiley: or at least stats :smiley:

You do know he only hits around 1B tops per arrow? Most of the work is done by crushing blow. Still, none the less, a lot of damage and nice work showing off a rogue primary skill… Someone had to do it :stuck_out_tongue:
And if you people want the guide to it, its top secret… 60% crushing blow and high attack speed with a hint of decently high natural damage :wink:

I hereby to give you the title. Silent God.

That much gold isn’t all that hard but like you said, it must be boring to grind flr that money. If he didn’t try, congrats for B gold anyways.

I got 130M gold without much effort when I was just exp farming and that was when i didn’t add farm affixes but i did have fortunate+dealer and what also could help is accomplished. Back i old days though, a billion golr is so much effort. Even just 100M gold alone was alot of effort. Even 10M gold!

True my gold is at 400m level because I’m not crafting another build.

I’m getting something like 800k to 1.3m gold per run with 600 GF. Farming for gold is very easy now as compared to before. Just go to floor 200s and/or 300s and run pack size on every map. Dealer also helps tremendously too if you pick up all items. I never do though, since I want them converted to legendaries via pet.

A good amount of my gold was used for crafting the highest tier gems, ESPECIALLY rubies. I burned something like 100m by just crafting said gems from lower gems when I was building my unfortunate fortune bringer this patch. I also play on floor 750 and up (I want my Eternal Mayhems :smiley: ), so dying costs a lot too. I think the gold generation and gold sink in this game is balanced.