Rogue and wiz end game build 2.5


@Wack i always add mythic first.

  1. mythic
  2. crystal affix
  3. legendary affix
  4. epic affix

For example why mythic first:

If you have an weapon for example:
1x set affix, 2x leg affix 3x epic affix.
To add now crystal affix you have to remove 1 epic affix -> item has now 1x set 1x crystall 2x leg 2x epic. If i now want to add mythic i have to remove all stats. -> 1x set 1x crystal 4x socket
On a weapon i want %weapon dmg or %element damage but i must remove it if i add crystal first and cant roll it again with ruby.


I see what you mean:)
Thank you for the input!


just a question

Does exposed do a lot more damage compared to skilled?


@rearer123 skilled only inc primary skills of mh. And exposed inc all kinds of dmg on those mobs being pierce. So in this build it amplify also my guided, frozen and explosive explosion whic are my main burst dmg. (And it is easy to apply expose effect since guidedshot can easily pierce tons of mobs)


i see. thanks. i was only thinking of guidedshot to compared skilled and exposed. but now i am enlightened XD


@rearer123 glad to help


@roykiyoy:i need to farm that items bro. im M3 floor 280 cant find any eternal pet. i need eternalize set to find eternal pet and eternal items, i always get some eternal but not good affix for rouge.


What legends did you use for your wizard build?


Vacuus scipio bow converted to gaunt.
For skull u can use any since all affix can be roll from ruby.
Armor-claivorance (or any armor since all affix can be roll via ruby)
Aether hat
Entropic jewel - amulet
Cognition - ring


What’s doing the per ing¿



I’m trying to follow the ranger build you are writing about in this thread. I’m getting nearer the full build, but still have some farming to do.
My question is regarding hero points

Doesn’t really feel like there is any good spots left to put my spare points?
Any suggestions?



there is no epiphany set affix active, but how come your ephiphany bonus active?

i was tried to get inferno bonus, i used 4 inferno equpment active. but when i change 1 set with amethyst. i didnt get the bonus. why?
is this bug or …?


Hey @Wack I do the same order as you but I always max out item level first. ie LVL 100 and 25% quality that way when I apply the crystal affix it has a better chance of rolling perfect…


The bonus is triggered if the requirement is filled, nomatter if you have the set affix or not. Just need the bonus affix.
For Epiphany, you need 70% attack speed combined on your gear.

For inferno I believe the requirement is to have 4 set pieces equipped.
Same concept for nadroji bonus - only difference is that the requirement is 2.

Set affix doesn’t = bonus affix.


You’re probably right. I really tend to forget checking the item lvl before I start crafting anyway. But I guess if I insist on being an idiot, I’ll be forced to learn the hard way/farm more :stuck_out_tongue:


So much thank you for dude. You’re my new idol… Thanks for giving me ideas.


Thanks for share this build.
I have a problem, i try to build infinity stealth for rogue but I dont understand why it doesn’t work.

55% cooldown reduction
40point to stealth
50% dodge

Stealth mechanic: double dodge for 2 sec
==> 40 point to stealth make 400% skill active time = 8 sec
55% cooldown reduction = 7.2 sec cooldown.

But I still have 5.5 sec duration of stealth, dont know why.
I have to wait 2 sec before active stealth skill again.

I’ll try deadly art but I still want to know why that formular not work.
Thanks :frowning: