Rogue Bow PVP build/ guide post here

Help me and guide to make my Rogue bow pvp build…

@arrow143 if u want a build that rely on spamming guidedshot on 1v1 pvp to win. It quite hard since everyone has cerebral vortex affix which counters that build ul die b4 killing the enemy.

Der is another choice like Lokho pvp bow build use discordance. U can describe it as 1 shot 1 kill guidedshot. U will focus on achieving max dmg on this build to 1 shot the enemy thus ur hp and defense will be the lowest so enemy can 1 shot u too. though this is for fun build only. If u wna climb eternal div1 with this youll probably will have hard time.

U can copy my build then change mainhand to Bow hahahahahahahah

Just do ur best xperimenting

Lets make bow type rouge tank bleed*dps deadly sounds good :smile:

@Sachzna_Laparan bow mh with battlemage build lol just gor the sake of bow haha :smile: i would love to see a rogue using ricochet or guidedshot taking down tanks with cerebral vortex :wink:

thank you DQ players… so rogue bow build is not good in climbing in dv 1…?

@DQ-Pat what is your build can you show me… thanks…

i try stun with crits but sad to say those mage got the reflect dmg so GG for me. HAHAHA :smiley: