Rogue build farming .need help

i played dungeon quest for about 10 days. i think i should be farming instead of climbing higher floor. currently at floor 402 m3. but i not sure what build i should use. im new to forum so i only can post one picture. but i need help for a suitable place for me to farm will do. ricochet do about 11m range with my item effect. hp quite low 30k . so where should i farm?

Floor 500 best for farming if you can :slight_smile:

Otherwise go as high as you can kill mobs efficiently but not needed higher than 500.

must be m3? or. thanks for replying

Depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for specific items, than you need to get to over floor 600 M3. If you are only looking for Crystals and Mythstones, than 500 any difficulty where you can kill mobs in 1 hit is best.

okay noted. thankyou!