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Ok! This is pretty much my first time posting here, so i hope im doing this right. Anyways, i just recently managed to get my rogue up to 99. Up until now, had a few clear goals: hit the 200th floor and get to level 99. Check and mate. Now i understand that to progress past 200, you use the crypto. maps. My problem here is that the random drops im getting arent cutting the cake anymore. Im at 250, and i die 5-10 times a map, even on the simplist of challenge maps. Particularly angering when i die a few times in a row from breaking a few destructables, but thats besides the point. My question is how i would go about grinding the gear i need to do…something. anything at all. Im not asking for a step-by-step instruction book here whilst you hold my hand along the path. Just an outline. Tjanks in advance for any help :smiley:

First things first is analyze the cartographers affix nerf on you and buffs to enemies you will encounter on the map.

It is random and will give challenge to players even if you are at your max level.

The tnt props affix will turn all barrels and chest into bombs that will cause either immolate, tornado, toxic, etc.

Try to adapt on the nerfs the map you will face. If the map has Leech nerf, it means your Hp/Mp leech effectiveness will drop and as a countermeasure should either equip yourself with a lot of Hp/Mp leeches and/or rely on spells and pots.

There are more ways to grind on equips like buying random stuffs from the merchant or sockets, even legend/mythic hunting can grant you eternal drops.

I hope I have helped you with some of your questions, try checking the guides section of this forum for some builds. Always just remember to have fun :wink:

Welcome to the forums!

You are at the point where Farming>Progressing. So getting farming gear to farm is your main priority.

The lovely thing about this game is there are 4 ways to get better gear:

  1. get gold (easiest option and slowly gives you access to the rest)
  2. get crystals
  3. get mythstone
  4. get eternals (I do not recommend this option at your level)

Choose whichever one you want to concentrate on and get gear to hunt it. Make sure to have a hireling and 200% Item drop on both chars. Then play on mythic 3 floor 101 until you get strong enough to progress. If you cannot kill at an extremely fast pace, then lower the difficulty Mythic2 is only 1/7 less rewarding but 2x easier! Very easy is 7 times less rewarding but 100x easier.

When you do progress, play on the EASIEST difficulty until floor 500. Once here save your Mythic monster spawns for this floor to guarentee a lv100 eternal. This feat reward is unaffected by stats so you can kill the mythic monster without worry.

It is now time for you to slowdown, get stronger and learn the game! GL HF.

As the maximum values of leech is 5% and there is leech nerf, I recommend using both leech and more hp or mp regen.
My wizard reach regen in 18.3k(over 5 seconds) in mp with Cosmic Power(5) and Druidic (5)
Could Cosmic Power appear on Rogue?

Could Cosmic Power appear on Rogue?[/quote]

The answer my friend is Jasper :wink:
Take any wizard item with it on, and Jasper to Rogue.