Rogue mirror image

Hello, so im gonna be out with this, i dont like rogues much :confused: its just something about how they cant take a hit without falling over and dying but they could definitely packa punch
But when reviewing my rogue to try to build a fun little build, i thought id make something that would use mirror images to mutiply my damage for PVE and i came up with two options, mirror image and coat weapon, i wanna mix this with smoke bomb and aftermath from wizard to be a bit more survivable since i can cast LOTS of smoke bombs (without cooldown thanks to aftermath) and dodge all damage but i wanna know: how many mirror images can i have active at one time?
This would be really helpful as i can get mirror image prock chance and im gonna be attacking very quickly so procks are gonna be a good source of damage for me, not to mention mirror images cast prock spells separately from the caster

I am trying to use the Metal Slug (Guns + Mirrors) and i can tell ya that Mirror Image skill works wonders in both PvE or PvP if i manage to line up with the enemy. You can summon up to 4-5 images at a time, at least those are my numbers.
I guess you could try Coat Weapon too :smiley:
Little question: how do you swap skills on an offhand?

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I know was just reading your page about it :innocent:

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Also to swap OH special just use an amber crystal, takes a bit of chance but they come around :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks :slight_smile: also dont worry… You wont die as often if you use +hp affixes and/or a fairy or hp leech. Blood Magic and/or Plagued are good to use, especially together.

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Thanks for the help kzar, much appreciated :slight_smile:
But does anyone know if there is actually a cap/limit to how many i can possibly have active at one time? (Just wanna make sure i squeeze every bit of damage from my build :innocent:)

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Most in got is 4.

If you can proc a lot, Coat > cyan Critical chance.

I use it a lot.

Yea coat is the main idea of the build and smoke bomb for OH special, MH doesnt matter too much to me but what do you think of something like this, its not perfected but its got the general idea:

I added a bunch of MP regen since ill be casting a lot of spells at double cost and i forgot to change the MP on hit to crit DMG. I also didnt look at mythics too much since i only wanted a quick sketch
*illusion should have been deception

Whoa that’s a lot for just MP. Why not energy?

Will i be able to gain enough, since the cast rate is so high? I mean the idea was to cast smoke bomb really fast so that almost all enemy attacks would be dodged, but im all ear if you think something might not be possible but i think the idea is solid its just designing it in a way that is balenced between damage and survivability that i personally have trouble with some times :sweat_smile:

What about desperation? Would that work if i mix it with some MP regen?

Desperation will work too. A single cyan MP regen can give enough sustain.

I strongly recommend Energy + cyan Resource cost though. The damage increase is just too good to pass up

Where do you get that from?

try to get Mirrorcast proc? I forgot what it exactly does but i think it will be very useful in your build.

By the way, what’s the damage range on this build? and does this build hit billions in damage?

Noy all build can deal billion damage in single hit/tick. u need to consider the speed and other factor too. for example greengarden deal 3 digit billion++ AoE damage per tick for each 3sec, while blightbog can deal 2 digit billion per hit or sec (idk which one it is) but im pretty sure in 3 sec blightbog damage can be equal or more than greengarden damage. So my suggestion is dont focus on single factor whichis damage per hit/tick. Look at all factor. it really help when crafting. it give more option if u fail to get what u want when u craft.

Well blightbog’s DPS is variable dependent on the enemy HP. For example I am farming right now at floors 600+ with max luck. Highest damage is merely a billion or so. But on floors 1600 it can easily do 20+ billion.

Though on both cases, the enemy goes down fast, and that is what matters most in terms of dungeon crawling efficiency. I’d rather do mediocre damage but kill enemies fast then move on, than wait for chaks/living forces to return just for the big numbers

Oh, and one more thing. In case your build flops, save your items. Who knows, maybe they will become your ace items in pvp :slight_smile:

Looks like a good build, but @ocenyx is right; Energy and Resource Cost instead of twenty MP affixes. :smile:

Well either way i wont be making this build for a while since im still building my wizard, its a build ive been working on and its definitely a keeper, but dont be too offended if i dont share it, but ill share most of my builds with you guys :slight_smile: