Rogue Question

is 2/3 power 1/3 mana good or? any suggestion for rogue?

also the skill build? thanks in advance sir

Depends on what sets you are running, and for what purpose. Pvp? Pve? things like that. Tell us the specifics of what you want so we can provide some tips in accordance to that.


Uhm i want to focus on pve first, i can reset stats later on right? whats the right pls i love rouge easy bounce attacks

I am using all power (you get bonus dodge) and just using energy mythic for my mana. Using bow. You can’t use flintlock with energy mythic as the Attack speed is really fast and depletes your mana.

Bow for pve but I think dagger type are nice for pvp.

Thanks for the reply anyway so 3/3 power is good right?

I’m running all power points , guidedshot/Dex currently lvl 78 and I can clear floor 200 m3

Oh thanks what dex? Why do i read luck dex? Is that on skill? What should i put there anyone can explainme herotab?

And btw when im lvl40+ should i do easy difficulty while reaching higher floor or what?

Thanks guys you are helpful

Oh, level 40+, hmm, I guess you should rush getting to a high floor. Run full Power on Stats Tab for now, then on Hero, put points on Dexterity (Dex, the green skill) and the primary skill of your weapon. Try using Flintlocks or Bows for now to avoid fighting in the melee range.

Oh okay, should i always choose easy first? In difficulty? And btw what floor should i farm equips

I started at Legend when I was at that level, dont focus on farming until you’re level is high. Just focus on leveling for now.

Once you can use challenge map use them for the rest of your floors.

Thanks guys

Btw should i go to each side of the map on everyfloor? or just rush to advance into next floor? or take my time leveling and clearing each part of every floor. HAHA sorry bad english.

Level up first and try to go to a floor that isn’t too hard for you. But don’t rush it. I mean you should only go to higher floors that you can sustain yourself and not have a hard time that you die often.

clearing maps = more loot and more exp

Okay thanks bro =)