Rogue set affixes

Someone notice if you are using amethyst in the item of
rogue some set affixes was really hard to obtain
like adventurer and defiant…
I try it to change the class of that item,but same result
I cant obtain adventurer and defiant,is this a bug?
but in warrior item the new set I can only obtain was
so… i think something was missing in rogue set affixes.
ragnarok has defiant ,insolence too
pioneers coat has adventurer,wandering has it too
but not in the amethyst.
I hope you can resolve this.
And one more thing, I would like to join in
DQ quality tester. thank you for your response.

Aside from cross-class sets, Amethyst can’t also apply those rare sets introduced in this patch from items with “Unknown Location”.

It may or may not be intended. We’ll know in the next patch :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are unique set affixes. Amethyst won’t give you those :smile: