Rogue “Sneak” Peek – Final Part

Welcome back our (final) Rogue “Sneak” Peek series!

We’re getting extremely close to releasing the Rogue, and she still has some gear we haven’t covered yet. First, let’s make sure we have covered each of the three Talent specializations our Rogue’s gear can be centered around.

[size=175]Rogue Talent Specializations[/size]


As you might expect, Ranger primarily specializes in Bows and Traps. Trap abilities allow the Ranger focused Rogue to keep enemies at a distance, while she fires away with her Bow abilities, Double Shot, and Multi Shot. Her talents focus on improving her Bow Fire-rate, Stuns, and dealing more damage with Traps.


As a Pirate, the Rogue specializes in explosive weapons like Flintlocks and Bombs. Flintlocks have two abilities, Ricochet and Scatter Shot.

Ricochet gives projectiles a chance to ricochet off walls, and even enemies with the Pirate talent “Pistoleer”. The damage and chance to ricochet drops by 25% each ricochet, however the Talent “Rebound” can actually increase the damage dealt per ricochet!

Scatter Shot is a useful ability that deals damage and Blinds all enemies hit. “Blind” is a new status effect that causes the enemy to wander around aimlessly as it tries to regain sight.


A Rogue that specializes in Assassin talents will be focused on either Daggers or Chakrams. We covered Chakrams in our last Sneak Peek, but haven’t discussed Daggers yet. Wielding Daggers will give you two abilities, Quick Attack and Blink Strike. Quick Attack shortens your Special Ability’s ( Blink Strike ) cooldown by a second every time you attack, and Blink Strike teleports the Rogue directly to her nearest targeted Enemy, stunning and dealing heavy damage to all nearby enemies.


Finally, we have three offhand items and abilities we haven’t covered, until now!


Vial’s abilities are Coat Weapon and Stealth. Coat Weapon causes the next attack to Critical Strike and Elemental Critical ( causes Toxic, Immolate, Paralysis, or Freeze, depending the element ). Stealth not only removes all status effects on the Rogue, but also causes her to avoid every incoming attack for at least 2 seconds ( improved by the talent “Veil” ).


The Bomb is actually a very useful movement enhancing item that can let the Rogue Vault forward, blinding nearby enemies, or cast Smoke Bomb and escape backwards, blinding and damaging enemies left in the cloud.


Mirror comes with two extremely fun abilities, Swap and Mirror Image. Mirror Image creates an exact copy of the Rogue that casts whichever mainhand abilities the Rogue casts. Swap will let the Rogue swap places with any enemy or mirror image that she has targeted. If she swaps places with a mirror image, she blinds and deals extra damage to any nearby enemy.

[size=175]Coming Soon[/size]

We’re in the final stages of releasing the patch, which means balance tweaks, minor bug fixes, and making countless builds until we have the perfect patch ready to release! Submission usually takes at least a week once we have a version of the patch that’s ready, and we’ll be releasing as soon as Submission passes.

We know that our third class has taken quite awhile to come, but we feel like the time we spend polishing the Rogue in these final stages will be worth the wait. If you’re interested in helping us test and balance in the patch’s close to final state, please let us know at!

Final Sneak Peek? seems pretty close to the release :wink:

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It’s released for testers right now while we wait for app review to complete. Hopefully it’s only a few days away from being released to everyone. :smile:

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