Rogue “Sneak” Peek – Part Three

Blog Excerpt:

We’re finally back with another look at the upcoming Rogue class! But before we dive into some of the Rogue’s weapon and offhands, we would like to show you the updated LegendEx!

As you can see, we’ve neatly categorized the LegendEx into 4 categories, Wizard, Warrior, Rogue, and Pets! That’s right, we’re finally adding Legend versions of Pets along with the Rogue class in Patch 1.5.

Legend Pets will each have a Set affix on them ( e.g. Blood Magic, Ascendant, Cosmic Power, etc ), and will be themed around that Set.

[size=150]Rogue Weapon - Chakram[/size]

Above is the first look at the Rogue in Assassin gear using the now third revealed Weapon, the Chakram! Chakrams are a unique weapon that requires the proper amount of Chakrams to be in the Rogue hands before she can use the related mainhand or mainhand special skill.

The Boomerang skill requires at least one held Chakram, and works very much like Living Force does. The Chakram is thrown out, and returns back to the Rogue for extra damage. The ability is very useful for Single Target damage.

The Special Chakram ability is called Whirling Blades, and requires the Rogue to have both Chakrams held before she can cast. The Whirling Blades ability throws each chakram around the Rogue in a spiral pattern that returns back to the Rogue after a few seconds. This is a very useful way to clear out an Area.

[size=150]Rogue Offhand - Trap[/size]

The Trap is fun little item that can be used to setup Traps that shoot Stunning/Damaging beams between each trap laid out. The LayTrap ability puts out one Trap, while the Sentry ability lays out three traps in a useful pattern. You will only be allowed to have 5 of these traps out at once, so plan accordingly!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview. We’re in the later parts of testing now that’s starting to cover Game Balance and Bugs, so we’re nearing being weeks away from release. We also have one more Preview coming that will detail the 4th weapon and the rest of the Offhands, so make sure to follow us at on our forums, twitter, facebook, or reddit to catch it!

We want it aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! XD

third weapon? bow, chakram and? dagger?
there are still only two offhands?
laytrap and sentry?

[quote=“ichsanization”]third weapon? bow, chakram and? dagger?
there are still only two offhands?
laytrap and sentry?[/quote]

Only god knows (a)
I think you’ll learn more from the 4th sneak peek ehhe :laughing:

Can’t wait to play it… :smiley:

How about sets that can be obtain the skill of other class like warrior using azure set and wizard using crimson battle gear set.

Yup! There will be a few opportunities for limited skill sharing as well, I mean, the battlemage is so awesome we couldn’t help ourselves :smile:

lol, my own eyes blind me, third weapon is indeed a dagger (in the image posted above). please release it for an eid’s (moslem’s big day) gift, lol.
anw, ramadan mubarak for u people.

Cool i wish theres more free slot for all

Cool i wish theres more free slot for all

Wait. … does the first pic mean legendary pets finally! ?

Sure does!

When will the update happen i can wait to use rogue and for somehow how many weapons can be equip in the character rogue and for a good cost please include skill tree in the charater and arrange it to sort of offline and online game play the includes coop and versus and add some more epic maps and bonus maps… :smiley:
As a pro like gamer pls update ASAP…xD

And some of my friends say its more fun if game includes mounts for faster ejoyable rides while slaying epic enemies

Pls inform us when will the game updates just the more we wait the more u make the game awesome but the more we wait the more we became bored so pls make things more faster i cant wait anymore :laughing: bring it on…

Staff already keep you informed when a patch is going to be released.

Also, they are working on the new patch, bringing : rogue (stuff/skills/+70 legendary items) + rework of legendex + new legendary items for each class + re-balance of the game (mpcost, dmg, etc) + legendary pets.
They also make sneak peek of what features are coming, showing you the advancement of the future release.
For each item or skill that they create they have to work on many things like :

  • design (icons for items, particle effects, etc)
  • mechanics (effects skills, new items effects, etc)
  • fixing bugs when they appears (something fixing a bug somewhere can create another bug somewhere else)
    It does not take few seconds to create something you know. Also there are a lot of features in the next release, so yeah it takes time, sorry for you if you’re getting bored, just work on your stuff, there are already many things to do in the current version yet :wink:

the game already provides many interesting things to do. try out new builds/gamestyles/item builds, complete all the challenges, hunt for perfect epics, level your pets, gather all the legendaries, crawl till lvl 500 random map, kill another million ogres;) that’s hack-n-slash - not an mmo where you twiddle your thumbs till the new patch:)

Will the legend pet have the opportunity to buy from merchant?

Nope, have to find them out in the world!