Rogue “Sneak” Peek – Part Two

Welcome back to our Rogue sneak peak series! As you know, our classes have three possible talent categories that their gear can drop as. The following is preview of one of those talent categories, the Ranger.

The Ranger talents primarily improve the Rogue’s ability to use her Bow/Arrow and Trap skills. As you might be able to tell, we have a couple of new visual features for the Rogue’s gearsets. We’ve added animating cloaks to some of chest pieces that add a lot to the Rogue’s look and feel. For some weapons we’ve added matching accessories like Bow’s Quiver.

We’re making great progress on the development of the Rogue, with her Skills nearly being completed. This week we hope to have her talents completed, and once all Skills and Talents are done, we’ll be ready for testing! If you’re interested in helping us test and balance these Skills and Talents once they are ready, please let us know at!

wow, Rogue looks so cool and sounds so interesting. definitely looking forward to test the rogue .
keep up the outstanding work guys!

Nice, hope to see it soon!

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Can’t wait either :smile:

Nice, cant wait to try this :smile:

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Can’t wait to check the Rogue out! Seems fun!!