Rolling +Luck % Affix with Crystals

Good day, everyone!
I have been playing this great game for several years now, albeit pretty casual, about an hour or so per day. I play a Warrior, and I am to the point that I need to craft a Farming set of gear to get to build up my Crystal supply to build a Leveling set for Ascensions.

Specifically, I started with quite a few pieces of the Satyrs Spirit set for the Pickup Radius, + Fortune and especially + Gold Find%.

OK, to the point: :smile: I have been trying to roll + Luck% on this gear, but so far have had no luck with it. I have tried using Sapphire about 80 - 100 times and also getting rid of an Affix with Kyanite and rolling with Topaz a bunch of times as well.

So I am just curious if anyone has any insight into what I could be doing wrong, alternative means or maybe I am just having terrible luck with the RNG! :wink:

Thanks in advance, hope everyone has a great day!

You’re just really unlucky dude ive tried that several times too when finding 5000+ Element Dmg.

If you have no epic luck on the gear , then the obsidian will roll it but if it didn’t roll it after many times, you are just very very unlucky by the RNG. However if the gear does have epic luck or normal affix luck, it is impossible to get obsidian luck on the gear with luck already on it. Just checking.

Good luck though! I know how you feel. I spend 10 obsidian, still no luck nor gold find or sometimes crit chance/crit dmg.

Hey guys, thank you for the replies and input! At this point I am just trying to add the Epic Luck Affix to this initial set of gear. I only have a few Obsidians and have been saving Gold and other Crystals to convert more to eventually make higher end sets of gear.