Rouge farm build/newbie here 😂

Please tell me if this build is ok. My aim is to fish map as fast as I can and hopefully I get rare items. Pls fell free to teach me good build. :sweat_smile:

You need legend blight :smiling_imp:

a basic Farm Build has Luck and Gold Find. Luck helps you find better items and Gold Find helps you find more gold. you can get both of these up to +650%, which is the cap. with Fortunate Perk, you can get it up to +850% for both.

I would take off 2 of the Toxic and 2 of the +5,000 Poison DMG+ affixes and replace them with 2 each of Luck and Gold Find.

just looking at the items you have, your Equality (6) Sets are very weakened. the HP & MP on your Stat Page need to be the same, for example, if you had 10k HP and 10k MP, which is 100% Total HP/MP Equality, that would give you +45% Damage and Regen. if they are different, like 5k HP and 10k MP, I think that would be 50% Total HP/MP Equality, so your Damage and Regen are only getting +22.5%. basically, the bigger the difference, the less effective Equality is.


@Golem is a good teacher!!!


:blush: x 100.

this is just information I found on the Forums that has helped me take the fast track on learning how to make good builds without making a lot of mistakes along the way. sure, I had to read a lot of posts, but the more posts I read, the more I learned.

one thing I learned early is that when you make a Do Everything Build, it ends up becoming a Do Everything Not Very Well Build, so then I had to learn how to make builds that focus on Farming, PVP, Ascending, and Climbing. everything I read on the DQ Forums helped me a lot, and the rest was crafting the builds and seeing if everything is working right.