Ruby affixes!

Hey guys. I just wanna know if all the ruby affixes appear in all kind of items randomly? Ive been trying to find this ignore resist but these procs were the only affixes appearing. Sucks! I am 95 and i cant even handle mythic 1 . I couldnt handle 250 floor legend! I got these nadrojis, ragnarok and eternals but fuck my dmg is maxed on 1.7m and thats deadeye. -…- getting bored.

you can get ignore resist at random chance mate

Thank you!!!

If you do. Try find legend wildhide or rozenzi . They had ignore resist affix. You can Make mythic in them , wish this would help you bro

What class are you ? I think i could help you out finishing those floors. I’ll suggest u some builds

I am rogue bro…