Sayunara DQ!


My deepest thanks to Dungeon Quest!
I guess it’s time for me to say goodbye to DQ for now!

Bye bye!
Sayunara Arigato​:musical_note::notes:

Btw. Someone here will be using my build. And I’m glad that I’d helped him/her.:sweat_smile:

Hey lad! (The one I gave my build) good luck to your pvp career!





Sorry to see you leave @GAMOS you were a very tough opponent. All the best.


Thanks Mr_Scooty
it also was nice battling with your toon :blush:
Honestly the reason why I improved my AI cause I need to endure the difficulty that your AI gave to me while battling online esp your toon Mr.

It always is great to play DQ!
there is always time for a comeback :blush::blush::blush:



bye see you again


See you soon again mr. Eater. :facepunch:
thanks for your wisdom :blush:


your welcome sensei :grin: arigatou gozaimasu good luck to your new journey


I guess you’re the sensei :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: