Scooty Gift: Black Magic Orb Build Release

I mean how he chaged the affixes, sorry

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No no. Do not sorry. It is okay. Maybe you mistakenly post here. I think you want post in other thread. :sweat_smile:

this post explains what can be used to Craft an Eternal Item. only Calcite can be used on an Eternal Pet. if you look in the Codex, there are a few Items that say you get a random affix instead of a certain affix. there are only 2 Eternal items that you can add affixes to, but then you can’t change them after they are added. they are also the only 2 Eternal items that you can put a Mythic affix on.

this is why it is easy to tell if someone has cheated on their Build or not. I don’t worry if a player has perfect values on all their affixes on their Eternal Items. maybe they spent 10,000 Dust to get a perfect Eternal. but if the Eternal Item has an affix it shouldn’t, like Block on a Necklace, that is a Hack.

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@Krisser if you are asking about my eternal divination amulet, you jasper the amulet from wizard to Rogue or Warrior. Then you jasper back to wizard and the epic torrent affix will become skulldraga. If you are asking about how to get Obsidian affix on eternal gear, follow my link below.

Were either of the solutions above an answer to your question?


…starting to get used to dropping giant meatballs on moving targets.

The AI does it better though.


AH! :eye:

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You have so much resources @kiane_zaine.

What’s keeping you from crafting?

@NUIQUE im currently busy atm. if i have time… im on farming mode.

@NUIQUE oh! btw… can i taste your barrage build? your orb wiz and warrior. both good builds. need a little bit of tweaking i guess.

My burst barrage is not for AI gameplay. I only use it to mad dash my matches. Sorry.

None at all.

The orb wiz is similar to mr Scooty save for two pairs of affixes and wand. Enigma is still not comfy for me either.

The warrior has multiple variations. I can leave an almost exact copy of aswang in the arena statwise but I reconfigured mine’ s for more comfortable active gameplay. My enigmas are only for my hirelings if I employ them.

Do you want to re-experience aswang now?


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I don’t know. I only started playing last December.

You ignored my very generous offer above :joy::point_up_2:

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@NUIQUE always granted Homie.

Okay I’ll look for my perseverance axe. Now where did I put it?


Let’s make this more interesting homie.
I have uploaded videos of orb craft here in opposing perspectives.

Can we have a quality shortclip from you again?

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@kiane_zaine, I’ll let you play with my warrior for another day. For now I leave orb craft for immortal users to play with.

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you came in like a wcrecking meatball woah,

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So did you.

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oh thats me …