Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


After looking at the pics you linked i see what you’re saying.

Its a weird bug.

It made me think that those others were cheating, but if it happens to your equipment too then i know you are legit.

Thanks for taking the time to explain.


I need to find a warriors eternal sankara band so I can jasper it to a wizard for 20 strength and 10 to spiritmancer


hi mr scooty. im confused what would be your final mh skills if you use battle mage and spellsword.
i know that i can test it myself but i only have limited rare crystal.
2nd question : IS THIS THE PATCH 3.0 DEFINITIOM OF DISCORDANCE? The Cooldown, Mana Cost, DMG, Extra Attk Chances and Multi Attacks for primary and special skills or your MainHand are switched.
BECAUSE i read in codex only 1 resource. and what does resource mean. im thinking it is mp.
thank you so much


@1stMAGE there are 6 Mythic Resource Affixes. if you have more than one on your gears, only one will be used, and the others are only taking up space.
with Blood Magic, HP becomes your Resource.
with Equivalence & Alchemy, both HP & MP are your Resources, but done in different ways.
with Energy & Fury, your MP is replaced with a totally different Resource.
with Discordance, MP is still your Resource, but your Special skill becomes your Primary Skill, so it uses the MP cost of the Primary, not the Special. and the Primary skill becomes your Special Skill, so it uses the MP cost of the Special, not the Primary. this is for people who chose not to use their MH Primary and use their MH Special as their Primary for a reduced MP cost, and have it boosted by Multi Attack and Extra Attack Chance. the only big down side for this is lower damage. if you had a Gauntlet, Blast does 150% dmg, and Twister does 400% dmg. with Discordance, Twister does 150% dmg, and Blast does 400% damage.


so having multishot and boomerang and skills. will make boomerang damage 1000mh percent. but it consumes a lot of mp. maybe having fury will make it spammable.


Discordance cant stack with other resource like fury and energy mythic





hello bro. what is you division now. i think you should change build according to your division. i got division 2 in 1hr by having discordance chakram orb build. now im gonna switch to immortal to counter all this low damage immortal in div 2. what you think about it


if you put Multishot on Chakram, and then use Discordance to switch the Skills to Primary/Special, then Boomerang will do the same damage as Multishot, and Multishot will do the damage of Boomerang. Discordance is a Resource Mythic and Can Not be used with other Resource Mythics like Fury and Energy. most players would focus on using Multishot, rarely using Boomerang. if you feel that using Boomerang with Discordance is the focus of your Build, or important enough to use normally, you just need to make sure you have enough MP, and MP on Hit/Regeneration so you don’t run out. affixes like MP Reduce or Reduce Cost for Resource usage also make it easier to use Special Skills without running out of whatever your Resource is.


I think @Golem has answered your question :slight_smile: Div 4 1v1 eternal league


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i tried to copy the build but i always fail in rolling blue affix. armor and gold find is not 100 percent rolled. i could get crit damage or hp but not armor and gold find. if i remove affix the 10str will be removed too. can someone help me?


try to replace skilled mythic on your robe with ruptured mythic coz you are using scalp.

anyway, tips of recording our DQ Gameplay without using 3rd party apps.


Good idea :slight_smile:


@1stMAGE your choice is to either take a chance and possibly lose the Strength affix, or start over with a new item, it’s the same for every one when it comes to rolling Crystal affixes with Obsidian, and you don’t get what you are looking for. that is why @Mr_Scooty said he makes sure he has about 10 Obsidian for each Crystal affix he plans on rolling, in case he gets lots of bad rolls. my first build that had Crystals affix, 5 were what I wanted on the first roll, but the sixth one wasn’t, but I was able to use the affix that was rolled, as it worked well with the build I was making. since then, I have had rolls that I didn’t want. some I can use, and others I turn into Crystals again.




Getting notified of your uploads every day :smile: . Good to watch.


@CuzegSpiked I keep seeing your character in my pvp league divisions but have yet to fight you . Keep getting pomboy :angry:


your Rouge is annoying. cant find a way to beat you in arena. :joy:


Lmao. Havent played in a while but interesting to hear.