Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


You are very welcome @HawkEye :muscle::muscle:


wow, 1.8 Trillion DMG prevented. WOW x 100! 100 Rounds Drawn! that is a lot of time testing. thanks @Mr_Scooty for your hard work helping us get good ideas and seeing what is possible.

haha (hysterical laughter) I saw those Billion DMG done to ASWANG and was like β€˜huh?’ and then noticed the 100 rounds. took about a minute or two to put them together. adding a similar test to my DQ Goals. I think I could Draw to 20 Rounds, so 50 would be a nice Goal.

btw Mr_Scooty@, was there zero Healing on this Build you tested? oh, and can you Draw more than 100 Rounds? that is some Epic Testing. I am ok if you can only answer β€˜I can neither say yes or no’.


I conducted second test. Results below. You are correct on 0 damage healed.

Aswang Damage Prevented - That’s damage in Billions you cannot see the B at the end

Aswang Damage Log


Additional test results below. This build is not in the arena.

Damage Prevented Round 300

Damage Log Round 300


Lol :sunglasses:


@Golem Final Test below. I tried several other rounds, up to power InfB. Damage ceased recording in the log and opponent damage per second became NAN. I finally started healing at InfB power but it was minor healing.

Final Test results

Final Recordable Visual Damage DPS: NAN


@Mr_Scooty oh lol. holy crap. i thought i was only seeing these DPS in PVE. 2k floor and up. you can achieve that infB DMG using CF+Frozen Build. :smile: :smile: :smile: again. all i can say is that DPS IS DOPE man. congrtas. :+1:


:eyes: after I read this, I started thinking of how I would make a DMG Reduction/Prevented type Build. the cheap version and the expensive version. not sure I would be interested in going as far as @Mr_Scooty has with this test, but it sure got me thinking. time to change the gears on my PVP Wizard. and maybe finally make the gears for my Rogue & Warrior.