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I noticed that you have a Demo up on Youtube of the beta version of the game. I was wondering how to record the internal sound and audio of the android to put up a few videos on here on strategies for grinding/affixes I used to get 3.0M DPS.

For that video we used our development pcs to capture the audio/video. I have also used game capture devices (like the El Gato) to capture game play. Now, if you have a device that runs kit kat (android 4.4) you can capture on device.

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That’s unfortunate :frowning: I tried using development tools on my laptop, and it only captures choppy videos with no audio. I won’t get my Lenovo laptop in for a while (z510, i7-4700MQ 2.4 GHz 1600MHz FSB, 6MB cache, should be faster than my 1545 inspiron dual processor I have now). I tried using Java to run the video on it and it just gives choppy videos every time lol. Not sure if graphics cards are what make it faster… But I would assume it has something to do with the emulation and conversions from language rather than CPU/GPU. Either way, the intel 4600 HD graphics integrated would probably faster than the outdated integrated graphics I have now, I may invest in an NVIDIA graphics card in the near future though.

I would love to see how you managed to get 3 million dps. Any tips?

I am posting a new thread on this, in an edit on this message I will post the link to the thread so you can view it.

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