SDS bad affix

How do SDS bad affixes work in arena? Are they scaled down?

SDS increases all percentage based affixes on gear or pet and possibly trophies :thinking: Me and @Golem co wrote a SDS guide. Even though scaled down in arena it still rocks in lower league pvp . @Golem will no doubt challenge my maths but I’ve made a summary below for you @DuDono

The SDS bonus increases any proc or % based bonus ( example % deadly strike ) by 35 %. That includes epic , legend or Chrystalline based % Stat.( Ignore codex. Codex is wrong :grinning:) In pve you would need Merlin’s imp to complete the set which is a nightmare. However in PVP you only need six items to activate the bonus so basically just any old pet :face_with_monocle: Your pet chance based affixes also receive a boost. And if my memory serves me right battle trophies. It nearly two years ago and I’m getting on. :flushed:

My question is that if I have sloth in arena, can I still move?

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Good question. I don’t know. The bad set affixes that lessen the positive bonuses are grey. I don’t know if they are included. In that case if they was in included you would get a ten % bonus only on things like temperance etc. But if they are not included ( which I suspect because the bad things would be really bad.) I suspect not.

Don’t worry about sloth. Think about putting haste on items as it’s all % based. As new player I asked a question. “Deadly sins…what use is it?” So people advised me to play with it and treat it just fun. I got @Golem to bounce ideas off and actually do the maths and throw them back at me ( I’m a bad tempered reader). But i suddenly learned to make builds because SDS is very hard to craft. You cannot add mythic. You can add legend , epic or Chrystalline affixes. About 2 each item. But you are limited. And you only get 1 set. Give it a go :sunglasses:

use Dust to get one, if you don’t already have a Sloth item. all other items blank. go to the Test Battle Arena and see if you can move around or not. that way, you don’t mess up your ranking in BA just for a test like this. also make sure you don’t have any Skills that boost movement, like Stealth or Sprint.

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I once thought about a 5 SDS build based on manasheild.

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Time warp and cosmic power pet and projectiles :thinking:

Toss and scalp for warrior may work for example if you add a time warp skill off hand or even a time warp proc with scalp as off hand :sunglasses: Edit… You would be better with time warp as as a proc and scalp as an off hand special. My old SDS brain is kicking back in. just one legend time warp proc and a master stone . Time warp is virtually guaranteed . :joy: