SDS farming build

This build allows to farm floor 501 in m3 with luck > 1000%.
the build:
Screenshot_2019-08-23-13-25-32 Screenshot_2019-08-23-13-25-13 Screenshot_2019-08-23-13-25-24 Screenshot_2019-08-23-13-25-39 Screenshot_2019-08-23-13-25-58 Screenshot_2019-08-23-13-25-46 Screenshot_2019-08-23-13-26-12

You should use crystal all resist and epic luck on hat I think.


thankyou for sharing farming build.


Nice :smiley:

@DuDono thankyou for sharing build bro.:innocent:


woah luck type tank wizard thank you for sharing

Thanks for sharing your build.

I forgot :
Astral gives tons of dmg lol :neutral_face:


You could max dodge. :sunglasses:

you need one more Crushing Flames Set to activate the CF Bonus, or use another item so the Bonus isn’t taking up space. you can roll CF with Amethyst on Wizard Items. otherwise, really great build.

what does the SDS stand for anyways?

Seven deadly sins :scream:

but this isn’t a Seven Deadly Sins Build. not even one item. so I wondered if it meant something else. it could get confusing to new players looking for ideas on how to use SDS Items for a Build.

He’s looking for SDS :sunglasses:

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I guess I read the title wrong. @DuDono good luck getting the SDS items fast! hope you find Merlin too!

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Top tip. If you have a warrior that’s available as an hireling. Then SDS items drop like apples from a tree :sunglasses:

I used Wizard for a long time, so it took a little longer than for a Warrior to get all the SDS items.

I just now thought of using a SDS Warrior Main with a Rogue Hireling for a Simple Farm Build Team (Luck, Gold Find, & Item Drop only). Fire, some Blistering, and +50% Bleed DMG on every Item, a high Bleed SDS Blistering Build. SDS already has +300% ED I think.

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It’s true, but i need rare crystals

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New farming build come’s again TY @DuDono