Second job? Class ascending?

Well I’m just thinking since we might not gonna have any new class available…why not upgrade the current classes we have now? For example from a elemental wiz to a…advance elemental wiz?with some upgrade in elemental skills and some new exclusive equips or something…sorry not very creative with stuff like this but that’s the rough idea… Everyone’s welcome to leave their ideas below

you mean like the ones on mmorpgs where higher classed female characters wear less and less clothes even if it’s supposed to be more armor? please don’t do that here on dq :confounded: but kidding aside, the ‘upgrades’ (for me at least) in dq are the items and especially people’s builds. it would be more fun to focus on making builds more powerful instead of just the classes. besides, the heroic skills almost serve the same purpose

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I have to second what DJ says.

Well if that’s possible then sure why not…and for the build-wise…you can actually count out how many builds people are actually using etc cosmicorb wiz discordance rogue earthquake war all with vanish OH…

I want to change the gender of my rogue, i hope they would implement this kind of option for character selection.