Second Legend item!


I got my first Legend item and its overpowered lol, the monsters die before i can see them with AoE range and Immolate and this is only iLvl 75 !


Awesome weapon set you got there!! The DPS on the legendary is really great. What level were you when you found it? Have you rerolled it at all?

That’s awesome! Great rolls on it too.

Looks like we’ll have to get out some harder content soon. :wink:

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I was lvl 75 and yes i rerolled it, first time it was iLvl 82 and with a bad roll

I looted this

and try it… 2000-2500 damage with it… with effective(act4) and with my epic orb i do 8000-1100 damage. So big nerf :confused:

Looking into it, that is a bit low. well… look into that… can u add in game element removing system :smile:

Thinking about having Apply Element overwrite the element on the weapon


how you have 4.000.000 gold ???!!!

Well… at 200 round its pretty easy to get money… if u don’t respawn all the time for 100k… and 350% gold find and around 300% luk… at 200round u get all the time rare items and they worth 700 - 2k… and i get full inventory like in 5 -10mins… and i had more than 4mil money…

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Apply Element can now overwrite any element, and cost reduced. Enjoy!