Selecting difficulty

Hey guys just asking if what difficulty are you playing to…because I tried mythic 3 it’s kinda very hard for me and I’ve lost million of gold for respawn…and now I started the normal and it’s good for me since I’m not strong

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Just stay on easy to legend mode in floor 200. If u got eternalized and crystaline affix w/ +2allset affix 2x then craft hunter ring spam wells and shrines kil epic enimies then youl get chance getting eternal gears then convert them to ultra rare crystals. So that u can make a decent build that can easily finish m3.

Note: u need to be patient when hunting eternal gears. Just keep opening wells and shrines no ned to kill.mobs just repeat it all day.

@ichiban Exactly what @roykiyoy said : patience will help you.

train at normal mode and when you’re ready aim for m3 wenare waiting for you

Thanks for letting me know…yeah patience but sometimes it takes me feel boring Hehe.anyway I don’t understand about the @roykikoy says that the crystalline affix .What is that ? And what floor do I spam shrine? I’m waiting for you guys ideas.Thanks

@ichiban crystaline and eternalized can be found last 350 floor " check on codex the set effect and the right location of drop" -it inc ur chance getting eternal and crystal gear. Also use nadjori set affix - inc ur chance getting rare legend. Then use two +2allset affix (can be acquired using elixir myth or from nadjori ring or amulet)

Then craft hunter ring spam open shrines and wells on floor 200 easy or higher mode is good.

Also pump ur luck, goldfind, droprate stats it will help u in ur farming alot

Take a look at this I’ve lost 7 million in one floor from 20million down to 13m…it’s pissed me off

@ichiban which floor are u in? What build are u using?

i am a warrior with lance and a horn…poison elements and im weawring faun’s gift+5 set…that photo was in a floor 450 to 500 if i not wrong…

lance and horn try my build I have it can play at m3 800+ floor