Semi-automatic farming?

Okay, so ive been playing around with my pickup radius build and turned it all into rogue and added blinkstrike procs and ninja… But its procs are slow and i believe this could be made to work…
All im asking is for people to try a quick rogue dagger+ninja+blinkstrike and tell me if you think this could really work.
After, ill make a farming build plan and add it into the main upper text [here]

Im using it dagger+ninja+blinkstrike its my 2nd farming build

And if you added pickup radius do you think it could be automated by just holding the daggers and letting blinkstrike do all the work?

yes it works

So do you think its worth creating? I can design it decently cheap so what do you think?

it depends on you if you really want to build it, coz if its me, having pick up radius is enough for me,

Im not using pick up radius

If you really want this concept of “Semi-automatic”, then I really suggest you build up one character with full looting stat and the other as your sweeper, or your rogue in your case. Most effective for the sweeper is an AoE-oriented build. In this case, unless you plan to pop in Taunt proc in there, there’s just no way it will be as effective as the Area-oriented alternatives you can make.

Yea but i cant be bothered with stopping to collect all the drops it slows me down a lot and reduces my average completion time from 2 minutes to 5 minutes, if the hireling could collect stuff for me then i wouldnt hesitate to do that but unfortunately, they dont :cry:

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The fact of the matter is, hirelings can’t collect your loot. Pickup radius only works for your main. That’s why I am suggesting you pimp your main with loot stats and your hireling should be the sweeper DPS instead. This is the best course of action in terms of efficiency, and this accomplishes your goal of semi-automatic farming. It goes like this: Hireling kills stuff, main collects the drops, then main springs to another pack, hireling kills stuff again, bam. Full circle. Rinse and repeat. Farm like a pro.

Oh, and did I already mention that looting stats also beef up your main’s survivability by a significant margin when using certain sets? Should be obvious enough with all the farming builds around. Reviving your DPS sweeper for 10k beats spending 200k per revive any time, any map, any dungeon.

I think i know most if not all of what there is about farming, i just started to get bored with simply walking around holding one button so i tried a more complex build with aftermath but found that it didnt deal enough damage and took up too many slots so i thought id try an even more relaxed build which i could watch TV while using to spice thinks up :stuck_out_tongue:

But yea, if this idea fails then ill just go to making a fortune bringer type idea and just have to collect everything myself without pickup radius

I recently hit the same bored farming point so I decided to turn my pvp rogue into a farmer. I had been farming m3 with wizard (gg) and warrior hireling. After averaging and what not all my farm stats were maxed with crystalline and nadroji on my main. However on the new rogue, I maxed GF/ luck/ item drops all on his set (which also includes nadroji/crystalline/eternal) and have been farming very easy with battle mage and no hireling. The results are amazing compared to worrying about m3 hireling revives and main survivability. It turns out my rogue has 73k hp does about 1m with whirlwind and charge speeds the maps up to around 2 mins depending on the number of branches or dead ends the maps has.
I might have just been lucky but I farmed for around 4 hours yesterday (off and on while watching netflix) and found 4 crystal legends, 2 eternals, and made around 20m ish gold. Hard to be exact on the gold, I did a lot of converting/ salvaging.
I know this isn’t the automatic play you’re trying to achieve but if you can’t seem to get it working fast enough for you, try lowing difficulty and increasing the farming affixes since the very easy mobs are one shot by a gust of wind.
Sorry for the grama and wall of text. In a rush to write this.

Actually, goin from what oceynx said, i looked into a buikd that can support almost a full other build and it only requites 1 set(optional) and five slots(two obsidian or 9(without obsidian) this is without a hireling i didnt go into with hireling because i prefer without (im odd :sweat_smile:)

Basically, play at mythioc 3 difficulty 350% to luck and gold, fortune at +20 easy and gives 50% to everything you need, and then three three item drop legend affixes 150% + two obsidian affixes for the 225% to luck and gold (can be swapped for six epic affixs for the same effect)

Thats a total of 625% to luck and gold + 200% to item drops (the extra 25% doesnt matter) this is an effect that i plan to add to all of my campaign builds…

Nice. Let us know how it works out.
I’m too frugal to put legend affixes on gear right now. I got lucky and found a gold find and a luck crystal legend. With those and a bunch of epic affixes I managed to not use too many crystals. Well… and 2 fortune ms.

But… But… You said you want less time per map, going without pickup radius will definitely waste time


I found sprint proc with aftermath very effective along with adventurer for farming with max farming affixes. I have crystalline along with eternalized and nadroni and the build uses aftermath to do the work. It uses poison to do poison cloud on enemies and it uses epic 5k ed affixes. I complete floors from 3-5 minutes and hirling has the dps buff with hp buff and farm affixes. Also hirling adventurer does stack with your main adventurer as well as the move speed or sprint proc I found out from testing my warrior and rogue farm builds. I do also use fauns gift on my wiz build for hp reasons.

My warrior is a 100k hp tanky person with max farm affixes as well as plagued and druidic with over 12k total regen for poison dot x3. My wizard does use plagued as well just fkr the poison dmg. I also have a rogue who farms with aftermath and spam meteor everywhere with farm affixes and more dmg affixes than my wizard. They both help alot when I deal with hunter mobs to increase chances of rare legends, crystal legends or eternal legends.

I find that poison is the easiest element to work with for farming at least for me. The problem was that I had to add ignore resist on these builds as well as add procs such as sprint. Sprint with aftermath will make you feel like woooooo. I couldn’t be bothered to add pickup radius in my farming build though because I found jt to be a waste of affix slot. I do use one pickup raidus affix from eternalized but thats it. I only invest in 5 pickup raidius and not invest in many pickup raidus. I didn’t feel like adding obsidian farming affixes at the time but I will add them eventually. I will show my farming build soon but not yet to the public becs I don’t feel that its complete yet. Just sharing hoe it works and my virws on farming.

Usualky it gets 500k gold per average floor and more from maps and I get thid much very quickly. I also got over 15 or more rare legends including 5 insolance, 8 mutiny, 6 nadroji robe, 4 nadroji cap, quite a few nadroji ring and amulet as well as 5 malestrom slicers, a few malestrom ring, and armour as well as vacfus scipio staff and two ragnarok in form of sword and hammer. That is my rare legend success in farming fast. I use hunter ring as seperate part of the build and that tremendously boosts my chances to get rare legend, eternal legend, crystal legend and luck increases item rarity chance. Since epic enemy has highest chance to drop legend item, luck boosts that even more.

I also got loads of eternals and crystal legends but lots I converted into ultra rare crystal. I did keep a fates travesty with crystal attack speed though as well as eternal nadroji robe, a crystal fauns gift hat with crystal luck and satyrs spirit with crystal gold find . I sometimes get a few amethyst in a day or obsidian or even ruby if I am lucky and actually play for a few hour. I get emerald to zircon very easily from converting legends in the process as well as certain eternal legends I will never use.

I think it is like fortune bringer but without the legend item drops (only mythstone and fortune item drop) and just epic gold find and luck. The only crystal farming affix is luck on my warrior.

As I said, I will show farming build at some point when I want to and I just said what I gained from farming builds. I didn’t create the fortune bringer straightway becz I feared that they might changr the averaging farm affixes mechanic and it wouldn’t work. Now I regret this and wish I had built fortunr bringer straight after I git basic part of my farm build because I realised that it would be even better at 2.1 and you still have dps hirling while you have max farming affixes if they removed hirling averaging mechanic.

The farm build really helped me in making my arena build be as good as it is to be 1st in eternal league so that why I like it. I always wonder just how teacup completes a floor in 2 minutes!!! I understand 3 minutes or 3 and 1/2 mins but 2 seems crazy. It sometimes take 5 mins on packsize map becz of lag and more selling to free inventory as well as getting back to certain item becz I couldn’t be bithered to keep selling until the map was conplete. I usually just try to get the highest gold counter as a way to find fun in farming on packsize instead of constantly selling. I am fast but I do have to go back and get it sometimes but as I said, I don’t like to invest alot on pickup raidius.