Server congestion/outage update

And…we are still working on it!

Here is what we have done:

  1. Identified the issue for both iOS and android players as connection attempts.
  2. Set up a dummy server on our end to determine how we can fix this issue.
  3. Started off loading all non-essential game functions from our current servers (as much as possible).
  4. Company meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss the “great merger” to a much a MUCH more robust server environment.

Again, we are very sorry that this has been an issue. The bright side is that the reason we are having these issues is because so many users are trying to play!

We want to thank this group for your outstanding support of our title since its release last week. We appreciate each and every post and will work our @** off to fix these server issues and get back to making content for DQ!

OH another HUGE THANK YOU to the team at Touch Arcade. Thanks to their stream of DQ on Thursday we noticed a NASTY bug with our in game ad system. When we watched the archive of Eli’s stream we noticed that the ad at the start of the game was still showing up. We thought we had fixed this before launch.

We have since disabled and you should only see an ad when the game goes to a loading screen!

Thanks everyone and we will post another update soon!

Hey thanks for the update.

But I have one issue. I played a lot since the release of the ios version and had not been able to save my data into the server.

Will backing up of the data to my iCloud lose my data if I ever accidentally delete the app from my ipad ? Thanks a lot !

If you back up your device and restore it, yet your data will be safe! So if you plan to uninstall the game jsut make a phone back up before you do so. Then, restore and post your data to our server (once it is up and running).

UPDATED 04/13/2014

  1. Submitted another build to Apple early this morning that will clear up some of the connection issues iOS users are seeing.
  2. Will still be doing our server migration which will take longer but the update that we sent to apple will get the service up and running until we can complete the migration.

thanks a lot for the update!

Really appreciate it

Thanks a ton for the update. I’m loving this game and looking forward to playing back and forth between my mini and phone. Did you fast track it as a critical update or will it go through the normal process? The sooner the better for me!

We fast tracked it as much as we could, we’re just waiting for Apple Review process now.

Is it still under review? Gosh I waited for like 5 days~

We’re waiting too, apple is taking their sweet time for some reason :frowning:

Patch is live now on the iOS App store. Sorry for the wait!

Still doesn’t work for me ;(

-// Ich hafte nicht für Kommafehler //-

Connect went through in the afternoon but unable to now .

Ok I am able to now . Thanks team for being so helpful! Time to grind!

It’s been a day now and I have been unable to upload my profile. I’m pretty sure that my Internet’s working fine. Is there an ongoing server issue? Thanks,

iOS is able to connect now, but we still have issues with server congestion. We’re now working towards a new server solution to allow a more stable connection.

UPDATE: Upload/download working fine on my android.

for several days it’s not working for me. ios iphone 5.

The connections will be poor until we get the new patch out and have everyone connecting to our new servers. Will hopefully be resolved soon!

Solution ATM:

  1. Go to Google Play
  2. Find Dungeon Quest ( you should open this file on the play store )
  3. Sign in to DQ Account
  4. Disclaimer: You will just have more chance of connecting if you do this… But its is between 80%-95% because i do this everytime…

Yeah, this is still an ongoing issue and we are sorry about the delay. Currently the more people that we add each day the more congested our current server configuration becomes. We do have a new server solution in place on our end that we have tested and are getting ready to deploy.

Do to the nature of how our current server systems work we are spending some extra time putting our new servers through the paces to make SURE that we can offer a better connection experience to our users.

We anticipate testing out our servers for this weekend and then submitting the patch to apple for review next week. In the past we have released android patches as soon as they are ready. With this patch we MUST release both the android and apple versions at the same time to ensure we can migrate all players to the new servers at the same time. So we will have to wait until the iOS version passes the apple submission process.