Set Affix questions

Blood Magic – “replaces all MP, MP Regen, and MP leech with HP equivalents, and removes your MP bar. You now use HP to cast spells and spell cost is increased by 2x. Increases DMG by 12.5% per rank”


  1. I already know that HP Leech and MP Leech are capped at 5%, and with Blood Magic, that doesn’t mean I can stack them. Okay, not a question.
  2. When calculating other affixes, how does all of this work? Example. I have 5 stat points for Mana, which should equal 250 mana points. I have 100 Health stat points, which I think is 5000 base points. Now, let’s say I have 25% total HP and 25% total MP affixes. How does the calculation work? Is it:
    a. hp= 5000 + (5000*.25) + 250 + (250 .25)
    b. hp= 5000 + 250 + ((5000+250)
    c. Something else (there are a number of combinations, so I don’t want to fill the page up.
  3. When calculating non hp% and mp% affixes such as MP Leech and HP leech, are those off the total HP or just the base?
  4. If I have 2% MP leech, when I strike an enemy, do I steal 2% of his MP and that gets added to my HP or do I still 2% of his HP and that gets added to my HP?

Faun’s Gifts – “Increases HP by 12.5% per rank luck on gear, heals 25% resisted DMG”

  1. Is “luck on gear” different than “luck” except that for this set affix, only luck on gear is used to determine the HP increase? Are pet affixes considered “luck on gear” or separate? Is “luck on gear” subject to the same 650 cap that “luck” is? If so, is the cap in effect for this set affix as well? For instance, let’s say I have 800 luck% on my gear. Will I get 12.5% per rank of 800 or 650 added to my HP?

Golden Veins – “increases HP and dmg by 25% per rank average gold find on gear”.

  1. Same questions about “gold find on gear” as “luck on gear”.
  2. Define average. If I have 500 GFoG is that 500 divided by 6 (averaged between all 6 pieces of gear) or average between me and my hireling?
  3. Is Faun’s Gifts also using “average” or not?
  1. You’re mixing leech and regen. Leach is capped, regen not that I’m aware.
  2. Not exactly sure, I haven’t tested and haven’t ever seen that discussed.
  3. See 1. Regen is a flat number, not a percent. Leach is a percent of your total HP or MP.
  4. See 3.

Faun’s… we discussed this at length in Diieters rogue build thread. Simply read “on gear,” as “from gear” and it should make more sense.

Golden Veins… good question. :smile:

Fixed… thanks. Sorry, I got stuck in acronym hell. :smile:

well i tried the golden veins one cause i read somewhere here in the forum(forgot the topic) that gold find on gear has no cap so if you do 6x 200% gold find using crystal affix that would be 1200%…and it will benefit your golden veins and bucanner set a lot but as i tried now…i tried putting a gold find crystal affix on my 4th gear and when i equip it even with golden veins(5) my HP and DMG didn’t increase anymore so that means that gold find on gear has a cap aswell??i hope a developer explains it cause i just wasted my obsidian for it :3

If you’re referring to this thread, your really should have read the whole thing. You should also be wary of any old builds, cause things change between patches. :smile: