Set and Enemy Affixes

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I realize the dictionary is in the guides area and is supposed to have this info, but like many things on this forum and especially Shiny’s Box Website, its either
[li] Incomplete or[/li]
[li] Outdated[/li][/ol]

As a result, I’m redoing it - the Set Affix Part anyway. they will be listed alphabetically and updated periodically as I obtain them.

[size=150][color=#FF0000]Set Affixes[/color][/size]
[li] Warrior:
[] Ascendebnt - Adds Prismatic +1 (2.5% random element chance) per item and arcane damage reduces other resistances of the enemy by 12.5% per item.[/li]
[li] Blood Knight - Replaces all mana and relate mana effects with hp equialent (exceptions are blue orbs and potions); triples the mp cost and converts it to hp; and gives + 12.5% Total Damage per item.[/li]
[li] Druidic - Increases HP and MP Regeneration by 10% per item.Increases Poison Damage Over Time by 75% of total regeneration per item.[/li]
[li] Electrified - All Reflect Damage (thorns) is added to attack, applied to area, and the Total Amount of Reflected Damage is increased by 50% per item.[/li]
[li] Faun’s Gifts - Increases Health by 12.5% luck on gear per item. Heals 25% Resisted damage.[/li]
[li] Golden Veins - Increase Health and Damage by 25% Average Gold Find on gear.[/li]
[li] Living Force - All caster (your) projectiles are pulled back to caster for an additional 50% of the projectile’s damage on return.[/li]
[li] Momentum - All damage increased by 50% of Movement Speed per item.[/li]
[li] Permafrost - Increases all Ice Damage by 10% per item; 7.5% of damage taken goes to mana per item.[/li]
[li] Plagued - Armor = 25% HP (per item?. Increase Poison Damage Ove Time by 25% to each enemy poisoned (per item?)[/li]
[li] Spell Sword - Mainhand Skills become Comet (basic explosive, staff skill) and Meteor (looks like a falling theory, staff special skill). Increases damage, resistance, and % total mana by 50% of Dodge per item.[/li]
[li] Terrashaper - 12.5% chance to cast Earthshatter (Hammer Specil Skill - Leaves 3 craters on impact) on attack per item for 50% of Main-hand Damage per item.[/li][/ul][/
[li] Wizard:
[] Repeats: Ascendent, Golden Veins, Permafrost, Bloodmagic (Blood Knight), Electrified, Plagued, Living Force [/li]
[li] Aftermath - Gives Meteor 25% chance to also cast Taunt (Totem Special - Place totem that pulls some eneies toward you.) per item, Shatter 25% chance to cast Fear (Totem main skill - place totem that makes some enemies back up; similiar to Haunting on enemies) per item, and 25% Rest Cooldown per item (I think this last thing has to do with how long the totem last; can someone pls explain)[/li]
[li] Astral Summoner - Summoned Skulls transform into spirit mages with 12.5%… per item (it got cutoff… can a programmer of dq finish it, ty.)[/li][/ul][/
[li] Rogue
[]Repeats: Ascendent, Spell Sword, Battle Mage, Blood Magic, Electrified, Plagued, Permafrost, Golden Veins[/li][/ul][/:m]
[li] Enemies:
[] Note: Even if it is not listed, all enemies resist the Act’s element passively (1 - Poison, 2 - Shock, 3 - Ice, 4 - Fire). [/li]
[li] Ally - Only appears on enemies helping Rare enemies; significantly increases enemy health.[/li]
[li] Bewildering - Shock-based affix that causes sparks to appear around the enemy that go off a set amount of tim. Does tons of Damage and temporarily Stuns you for a second ot two.
[li] Cannot be stunned - Self-Explanatory, you cannot paralyze or stun the enemy.[/li]
[li] [Element] Immune - Released as part of the map update, the enemy takes zero damage from the specified [element].[/li]
[li] Experienced - Doubles the Experienced gained from enemies.[/li]
[li] Explosive - Fire-based version of Bewildering that creates immolating columns (which push you back)[/li]
[li] Extra Damage - Increases enemy damage.[/li]
[li] Extra Fast -Enemy moves much faster (to be truthful, doesnt make much of a difference since magic, rare, and epic enemies already move fast.)[/li]
[li] Extra Health - Enemy health increases by a big percentage (probably about 150% of normal health)[/li]
[li] Fast Attack - Enemy attacks faster.[/li]
[li] Freezing - Ice-based version of Bewildering that freeze you in place.
[li] Gracious - Increased item drops from enemies.[/li]
[li] Haunting - Poisonous version of Bewildering that pushes you away from the enemy (fear).[/li]
[li] Resist [Element] - Enemy is resistant (halves damage I believe) to the listed element (Arcane, Poison, Shock, Ice, Fire)[/li]
[li] Teleport - Enemy can instantly get from one point to the other (like Wizard Orb’s Teleport skill without the damage.)[/li]
[li] The Legend - Indicates the enemy is an Act boss. Health is significantly greater than magic, rare, or epic enemies.[/li]
[li] Thorns - Enemy sometimes cast a temporary shield similiar to Mana Shield. You can still damage the enemy though.[/li][/ul]

  • = With the recent update, those 4 affixes cause huge red orbs to appear givinfg a better indication where the irbs will explode, thus, making it easier to dodge. Imo, those are the most difficult enemies.
    Note: I am not a member of Shiny Box nor am a tester. This list and descriptions were compiled from in-game information; some info was added or reworded to make it easier to understand.

SteigerBox - Telling us what Experienced & Gracious does to enemies; ty
And everyone else who contributed.

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Hmm… Experienced? What does that do?

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… ummm… i dont know; why do you think i did not listed it?

I would really appreciate it if someone would tell us what experieced does to enemies.

Great list :smile: After Rogue’s done, perhaps will get a little free time to update the website w/ all the new information.

Experienced doubles the experienced gained from the enemy.
Gracious increases the amount of loot dropped.

Okay, weird that i didn’t noticed that before

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Nice post!

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Still waiting on a patch to fix the issues i have been having wich makes it impossible for me to play :frowning:.

Once I can play gain, I’ll proably include ma affixes until their is too many for me t keep up with - at that point, Legend Map Affixes.

Let me help you.
Haunting : Poison Explosion + Fear
Bewildering : Shock Explosion + Stun
Frezing : Ice Explosion + Freeze
Explosive : Fire Explosion + Knockback


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