Seven deadly sin and etc

Please buff or nerf some affix!

I know nobody use the option 7 deadly sin cause limit set + option to 1. It seems so aweful panelty.

  1. Please can remove gray options(set option bonus) with crystal.
    Some gray options no useless at many situations.

  2. +2 set skill option(in nadroji or rune) break this game. It must nerf or be changed another options. Every charactor setup equip +4 set options.

  3. I dont know whether babarian or push the limit. Some eternal items with 100% these options make players cant cast any skills. The affix makes mana into 1 from how many has

  1. I guess that limit set to 1 in the 7 deadly sin make the funny of the set… (and remove would be oposite to ur 3rd suggestion).

  2. Guess that the grey options are funny too, that and the other things like seven deadly sin give more options in game besides the “meta” (that would be your 3rd suggestion).

  3. It’s just Meta… And isn’t unffair if everyone can use if grind for it, so don’t see why it would need to be changed.

  4. Not only Barbarian or Push-the-limit are bad depending on the roll, lots of other options are… Other for be rolled to low and this two bad to be rolled to high… It’s just roll it again till it’s not 100% (or grind again).

  1. There was only one using it :smile:
    2.Its part of the fun creating build with gray options :smile:
    3.If you have eternal it will turn out to be +4, if they remove the +2 set skill option at nadroji everyone will force to use elixer stone.
    4.Because its to high that reach the maximum cap for example glass cannon 50% half of the hp 100% 1 Hp