Several issues

I’m the one that left a real bad review on Amazon we’ve been trying to fix for months. I’ve emailed several shinybox email addresses with no joy. We’ve been trying to get in touch through email, is there another way? Maybe through a PM here or something? My email is [color=#FF0000]edited[/color]

  1. Are you sure you have the correct email address?
  2. You shouldn’t post your email publicly on forums. Generally not a good idea.

There are indeed devs here that you can get in touch with. And many other knowledgeable people who could probably help. What seems to be your major malfunction?

I PM’d Todd with your email address. Feel free to edit it out of your post. You can also send him a PM. He is tdaniel on here. I’m sure he will reach out to you soon. Thank you for working to resolve this issue. I want to see that review turned around (as well as your experience).

Thanks Snowman. I see you’re aware of it. That’s very helpful, I appreciate it!