ShadowDragon's Ice SkullShield/Storm farming build for floor 500+

Hello everyone,this is the build that I use to farm.For me this build does the job very well!There are definitely things to improve but I ran out of crystals.There are better build for sure but I still think this one is not that bad.If someone can improve it I want to see how(since I don’t have crystals)If you want to deal more damage change the element of everything to poison but Ice is more survivability.Anyway that’s all for now!
Thanks for reading!:smile:


To start get element critical chance in there so that frost biting happens at all :sunglasses:

even better, change your Amplify to Wizardry, and when you get enough Ruby, change that DMG to Elites to another Frostbiting. this will give you +20% Elemental Crit for your Skullshield, +35% total for your Storm. or take off one of the +5000 Ice and put in a +15% Freeze. a Legend +30% Elemental Crit would be better, and you wouldn’t have to use Wizardry and get to keep Amplify for the extra DMG.

Storm gives 1% Elemental Crit every 2 Skill Points, so his Storm has 15% Elemental Crit right now.

now if you want the continuous DMG you get from Amplify and just rely on the Elemental Crit from Storm, then just change that DMG to Elites to Frostbiting when you can.

nice build by the way! :+1:

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Lots of suggestions :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for the advices I will try it as soon as possible but right now I don’t have any rubbies

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I know how you feel. I am always running out of Crystals and farming for a new supply. I love when I get what I want on the first try, but other times it takes 20 or more tries to get what I want! no mercy from RNG.

I feel like Lady Luck could learn a thing or two from RNG.

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