Share one of your favorite legends drop!


I think the only one I keep is that mashochists fetish for eternal crystal legends.


Just found this baby



Good loots for today :laughing:


Nice congratulations :slight_smile:


Ni CE man I’m still looking for my eternal pet hopefully a eternal imp or fairy


Another useful drop. Might be good for a new build


As the Nomads in Borderlands 2 say, “Give me your damn loot!”

Or, “I want everything you’ve got!”



What happened when you convert


Found this today looks pretty nice


Floor 2, woot!



Found this whills farming :slight_smile:


This is my 1st Eternal with crystal affix ;p.


got this today from one off my chests :slight_smile: do you think it be good for pvp




Got this armor but don’t know what to do with it


Got this i while ago, using it in pvp


Keke . Got it from Mythic boss.


Would have preferred a non eternal version, but still awesome…


Nice ED% roll! Im using this hat on a PVE wiz build as well. I like the eternal since can’t really add a mythic to it or else have to waste the ED% affix. I like the stock affixes. Works well for barrage spam. Very nice hat you got there!