Share one of your favorite legends drop!


Its almost perfect affixes right ? ;p


Just got this axe from my first mythic enemy feat. Is it useful in my current cyclone poison taunt build?


I call this armor the dungeon shaker. :wink:. 18 meteor


wut floor i can get those mythics that can apply to a mythycal items??


show me your wizzar builds please i really need help for PVE :D:D:D:D:D:D





Dude, i have a few questions to ask you. How much Stats on Eternal map like luck, exp or gold find ? And can u get 2 to 3 eternal equipment there ?


Eternal map same as legend map but the difference is that the values are doubled. This means 200% max item drops (item quantity in other words) into 400%, 500% luck and gold find max into 1000%,500% max crystal and Mythstone rarity from eternal map into 1000% max as well; and finally, 3 golden chest into 6 golden chest. It’s a very useful map with monster boost though due to Enslavers and the packsize created by that boost but they are still valuable and useful.






Don´t know if they´re good(any tip is appreciated) - but here are mine, that i´ve found…


Just got this a while ago, the scoundrel. Idk, it’s making me dizzy though so i switched back to crystalline


I just like the really high DPS number. I found this on a mage though :frowning:


A couple of new 3.0 goodies to try out


who wants this? Perfect for PvP


Add a mythstone on it to activate


Dat chakram dmg!!


On chakram, i recommend replace that 50% DMG with +4 Extra attack chance (Zenith)