Share one of your favorite legends drop!


Thanks for the advice fudgenever10. 50% damage (Endow) is “disposable” since I have so many. I will try Zenith at some point.


Ok, Glad to help out :grin:


Perfect pet full 6 useful affixes but have not a perfect match build.

Nearly perfect eternal+crystal which cost me 7k dust (heart bleeding :persevere:)


So close!!


this was my Best Ever Drop Before :sunglasses: This was before I got 9b of dmg from orb :tired_face::sob: but now ? Haha Mel :unamused:


How the heck did you get lucky with that crystalline “luck”? Or did you add that with a crystal?




Can you re roll that for crystalline luck? Or he just got lucky enough for that affix?


Lucky. If you fail to get what you want from Obsidian, you have to get another legend and try again with new obsidian. Convert legend or salvage for lot of dust.

Although you can sometimes get it by using topaz to limit affixes on obsidian but that means fewer options shown sometimes.


what is a HYPER ARMOR i dont see in the dictionary


it increases damage reduction while you’re attacking :smile:


@Griffin oh okay. i just got a dagger that has a double hit and execute DMG. is it good at physical type of rouge?


In PvE absolutely not for PvP though :thumbsup:


this one, i like the pickup radius


u guys going to fix the stats bug?. my power stat is 105 when i level up cant reach to 106 dunno why but when i click magic stat it decreases my stat power


Yes hopefully there should be a bug fix patch over the next couple weeks to clean little stuff like that up


Tnx. I hope next patch there would be a auction or market that we can sell our items.


Griffin also the Arcanist and Ascendent please fix it. Damage numbers pop out on enemies but the Damage that how many Arcanist effected on enemies doesnt show up on Stats.


That’s just because of the change to how it functions it’s not bugged as far as I am aware