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New Gears and Talents Suggestions for all classes

First of all, I made this thread just to show how much I love this game (Been spending 10 hours to make write this down,lol), and all of these suggestions below are a humble suggestions to enrich the variety of each class. this is a purely fanmade as well as my genuine suggestions.
Hopefuly the devs will take a glance in this thread.
Feel free to comment.

Warrior (Dragoon)

MH : Throwing Spears

  • Skill : Throw (Throw a spear that has a chance to knockback enemy).
  • Special Skill : Hurling Spears (360° spin attack type, throwing 8 spears on 8 direction )
    p.s. : Hurling Spears has a slightly bigger chance to knockback

OH : Warbanner (like eagle banner on Roman empire collosal movie or flag)

  • Skill : Warcry (Lowering enemy defense and elemental resist by 50%)
  • Special : Battleshout (Movespeed, Atk Speed, HP, Armor, Element Resists are increased by 50%)
    p.s. : make a battleshout a buff that last 10 secs and has cooldown 15-20 secs. Warcry last 5 secs and has 10 secs CD.


  • Salvation : +% Armor and Elemental Resists, -% HP
  • Endure : Increase block and dodge % per health missing


  • Vengeance : % Chance for next attack to deal a crit and elemental crit damage, after a successful dodge and block
  • Adrenalin : Increase % HP and MP Regen by Total HP and MP each.


  • Provoke : % Chance to taunt enemies when using Battleshout
  • Burst : Increase number of spears in hurling spears skill


  • Resilience : %Chance to reflect Bewilder/Freezing/Explosive/Haunting Effect on nearby enemies.
  • Recover : % Chance to heal 5% of total HP when dodge/block

Dragoon is suggested since there is no pure type of a ranged warrior.

Wizard (witchdoctor)

MH : Blowgun (a bamboo pipe)

  • Skill : Dart (Blow an elemental dart that has a small chance to deal critical elemental damage)
  • Special : Dart barrage (Blow 4 darts at once while leaping backward)

OH : Voodoo Dolls

  • Skill : Confuse (Enemy attacking each other blindly for 5 secs)
  • Special : Dark Ritual (a channeling spell that reduce 5% enemy HP/sec, while regenerating 5% HP/sec, last for 10 secs)

P.S. : Each enemy level has it’s own durability (chance to nullify) to Confuse:
normal : 0% confuse immune
magic : 25% confuse immune
rare : 50% confuse immune
epic : 75% confuse immune
legend : 100% confuse immune.
Dark ritual is stopped when player moves, stunned, frozen or using a skill (channelling)


  • Nature : Increase % of total MP by all resists
  • Fanaticism : % Increased attack speed by nearby element afflicted enemies.


  • Concentration : % chance to double crit damage on confused enemies
  • Alchemy : %Regen bonus when using potion (stackable) that last for 5 secs


  • Puppeteer : Increase confuse duration
  • Doom : Deal % of OH damage per sec on confused enemy.


  • Nightmare : Increase Dark Ritual duration
  • Fury : %chance to summon elemental fury when using offhand special (max 5 furies)

Witchdoctor is suggested since there is no debuff master that can crowd-controling enemies while chanelling a doomed mantra toward enemies.

Rogue (Ninja)

MH : Shuriken

  • Skill : Mark (Throw two adhesive shurikens at once, dealing 50% MH damage each, shuriken thrown is attached on enemy for 3 seconds)
  • Special : Seal (Teleporting to each ‘marked’ enemy, dealing 200% MH damage)

OH : Chain

  • Skill : Bind (Bind enemy x yard from rogue, making them unable to move)
  • Special : Torture (deal elemental crit damage explosion on bound enemies)

Chest :

  • Cunning : %Dodge = %Total Armor
  • Swift : % Dodge = % Move and Atk Speed

Head :

  • Agile : %Dodge = %Damage
  • Nimble : %Dodge = % Total HP


  • Shadow : %Chance to cast stealth when using MH special
  • Punish : %Dodge = Critical Chance

Amulet :

  • Delusive : %Chance to cast Mirror Image when using OH special
  • Discipline : %Dodge = All Resist

P.S. : kinda ran outta ideas when writing down Rogue talents. had to admit that I’m not really into rogue type. the build are very confusing and very hybrid, lol.

Suggested Legend Affixes (to balance the tendency of frostbite and explosive user) :

  • Rot (Poison) : Chance to reduce %enemy armor on poisoned enemies on each attack
  • Overcharged (Shock): Chance to cast chain lightning on stunned enemies.

Thank you and sorry for a lengthy post.

DQ Rocks

Someone played a lot Diablo 3 here :laughing:

Interesting suggestions by the way, some of them are nice so far!

[quote=“Diieter”]Someone played a lot Diablo 3 here :laughing:

Interesting suggestions by the way, some of them are nice so far![/quote]

TBH, I only watched a Diablo 3 trailer and gameplay on youtube, but never once I play it.
Skyrim take its toll on me, just too much.
But anw, yeah, the dragoon’s inspiration come from Diablo 2 (played this game like crazy) Amazon’s Class and Witchdoctor come from Diablo 3.

Great suggestions Ichsanization :smile:

Indeed. Looks good.