Shared stash purchasable bug!

Hello Again!

I have another issue, this time involving the purchasable inventory extension. I bought the “Shared stash and premium” stash pack and I’ve been getting “All your crystals and Mythstones have been moved to the Crystal and Mythstone stashes” every single time I load the game, which is kinda a burden but when I try to upload my characters to the cloud server (I like to double save and make sure I have a backup) the screen pops up again and I can’t save my backup or do anything until I close and reopen the app.

Is there a way I can turn this feature off? Because I’m well aware my Crystals and Mysthones are in my specified stashes.

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Having the same problem with the popup freezing the game when trying to upload char info