ShieldWall + Skull shield

I do convert with Amber a Tome (i wanted to keep its talents but change its skills to some more useful for me).
I was surprised that only the special is changed (for example i wanted a to replace sumon and command to shatter and teleport but only command is changed :scream:)
So 1st question, is it possible to change summon (basic skill) to teleport?

2nd question
As i changed my mind due to this unexpected behaviour :confused: , i want to know if skull shiled (got an Amulet with Reclaim) can stack with my new shieldwall (converted command with amber from my tome).
I tried it and graphically, when i 1st use shieldwall it shows me the shield wall, but when skull shield triggers, i see only my skull shield and no trace of shieldwall on my screen when i cast it.

So do skull shield prevent shield wall from being cast (so no damage reduction and so on) or do they stack, even if graphically we can only see one of them.

Thanks a lot for your anwers ! :wink:

It do stacks but only for the duration of shieldwall after it expires back to skullshield alone. Shieldwall is not like before where u cast it once its permanent. Its different now. It has certain duration.

Ok thanks
So itโ€™s just a graphic bug (so you canโ€™t see if iโ€™s currently active or not)

and for changing OH weapon primary skill? is it possible?

No its not possble to change it. Only specials are changeable