ShinyBox mechanism proposition for DQ2

So I have an idea for DQ2, but I will cut it into paragraphs develop it in the opposite order so some ideas can be agreed. The first paragraphs are more blurry and less in link with the main idea.

First off, this idea has really no direct link with the main idea, but it is similar to the next paragraph, because they both has the purpose to stabilize new players from experienced ones. In MMOs player’s second classes always get leveled up faster, so what would be good is that it would be a bit harder to level up than DQ1, but first classes would get an untradable XP boost item.

Next, legendary items should not be accessible at low level, it should be minimum lvl 50, so it would incitate players to craft gear for their second classes. This would also equalize a bit more new players and old players without restricting the freedom of old players. This stuff is already kind of there, but I just wanted to give more value to it.

This would be harder to accept, but please still read, because it is leading to the main idea. It doesn’t seem that cool when I am saying it now, but my idea is that there should be a bigger number of max affixes depending on the player, or more specifically the gear’s level

And finally, the main idea is that gears would have a level(like in DQ1) matching their rank that would act as a maximum amount of affix value. Each affixes would have it’s value that would also match their rank.
Normal: 0-9
Magic: 10-24
Rare: 25-44
Epic: 45-64
Legendary: 65-84
Eternal Leg.: 85-99
Normal: 1-2
Magic: 3-4
Rare: 5-8
Epic: 9-12
Legendary: 13-16
Eternal Leg.: 17-20
*I tested the values by calculating and this might fit well with how the game does it right now. There should still be an affix limit, because people might try t push the limit and put 99 normal affixes on a single eternal gear, do I would say that 20 affixes should be the ultimate limit.

This would mean that instead of having a gear’s rank depending on it’s affixes, affixes and the amount of them would depend on gears’ rank.

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