Should there be cancel button for apply ruby and better cs?

It means we can choose the affix from these three crystals directly instead of showing available affix for user selection.

Ruby and better cs are so precious and rare for normal users. They may worth 5M. If there are cancel buttons, users still need to use diamond to reroll the numeric values of Legend affix and Crystal affix.

I want to say yes; but I have to say no. It would remove any risk as you could just keep trying till you get the perfect affix. I would rather there simply be more options to choose from, even just by one or two more choices; especially as there has been an increase in number of sets and legend affixes. I don’t believe the number of Crystal affixes has changed but I could very well be incorrect on that. That would still require a sacrifice and wouldn’t guarantee a perfect affix; but would give a better chance of obtaining an affix you’re looking for.

We all want to have a cancel button. But the thing is, it’ll never happen.
ARPG games like Diablo/DQ/Torchlight base on RNG, that’s why they’re fun. It takes time to obtain what you want, and the moment you archive your goal, it feels great. It feels like you deserve it after long hours of hunting, that’s what it’s all about :smile:

well i guess it’s a default setting of the game…its a chance to have a good afix…if the dev put a cancel button…it will be easy to all players to pick their desire affix…if they put cancel button…the result is a boring game

The cancel button is close the game after acept a affix, just close the game and open it again and u ítem will be wiht one slot free affix, but u lose one obssidia. Crystal , is better lose a obssidian to lose a súper rare ítem with a crappy crystal affix