Show your character :)!

It took me such a long time to get those items!

It can be better, I know, but it’s enough for me. :slight_smile:

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Holy crud. Good job. I never had the patience to craft perfect items or chase DPS x.x

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Thanks man, took me so long. :stuck_out_tongue:
Let’s see how’s the dps going in the new patch. Will be different.

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What’s your ‘actual’ damage (with offhand and Crits… With +250 crit dmg that’s gonna make a huge difference.

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I make up to 170k+ Damage per attack (Axe special attack), and up too 100k+ base attack.

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How about talents, bleed damage and offhand dps? How fast can you generally clear epics. I have a mage and can have up to 120k dps but with my offhand and talents I get far more. Can clear easy epics (epic death guard with increased attack and damage) in around 20 seconds on floor 180 on mp3.

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I was only going for DPS. I didn´t care for talents (more bleed dmg, etc…). I did some mistakes lol. What do mean with offhand? I do much less dmg ofc with the horn. Maybe I don´t understand the last part clearly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Level: 56
Class: Mage
DPS: Almost 17k
Armor: 986
HP: 44,5K
HP Regen: 1996.7
HP Leech: 1.87%
Total Spell Reflection: 47%
Dodge: 10%
Legends Found: 20 ( i am at 2 items away from Full Blood Magic Set )
Set Level: 51

Well thats my minion Set, i’m currently from tablet, so i cant up pics, but Will do, tomorrow, maybe. Hehe.

My playable mage is Explosive Staff ( element based on level ) + Frozen Orb ( its Frozen because it slows enemies when porting, This also allows me to escape battle and attack with staffs meteor Spell (my tactic of survive Even vs bosses ) )

I find it to be hard to get all the legendarys of one set, cause i keep getting the same amulets (had like 4 blood mage amulets out of my 25 legends) and rings. Attackwise i recommend the casslastrophy (analogy to the dev?) as it does a ton of damage paired with an epic +attack damage and the immolate can kill monsters in seconds.

@shutnic: Don’t worry, you’ll have it all. It took me nearly 2 months to find my first Fate’s Travesty :smile:

Well, in general, it’s much better to run with luck gear at Power Level 1 than DPS gear at Power Level 8 (or 5). every +50% luck = 2 power levels. With regards to Legend Hunting, that’s the way to go :astonished:

I run on mp3 because the balance between time to kill and increased luck is best.

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I run on mp8… it only takes me 2-3 minutes to clear floor 200 and make it to Ignis if I kill everything at once… plus I have high survivability … at present around 65k health and extreme bleed ticks(over 1m crits) are my main damage… this is in my +300 luck gear. ^.^

Nice man, must be a great (luck) gear. ;O

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After update I have 49k DPS Fate’s Travesty. How about you guys? What is your strongest weapon DPS?
Anyway it’s weird. I had 2 Fate’s Travesty. Before update one had 30k DPS and the second ~25. What is weird, is that the one stronger before update, is now 36k, and the one that was weaker, now has 49k DPS. Is DPS “upgraded” after every update totaly random?

My fates travesty has 63.8k dps… I’m constantly on the hunt for one better though.
UPDATE: 64.9k dps.