Shrinking Stats after Leveling Up

OK… so I have been working on my Red Ascension. In between levels I have been Pvping a tad to break up the grind. Something just doesn’t seem to add up in regards to my stats After I hit a new level.

I have been noticing that my power stats will actually go DOWN after I level. How do I know this? I have been hitting the Practice Arena to check. After I gain a level I add 3 to Health. When I go to the practice arena, my power goes down by a factor of 3.

Once again, the DQ math just doesn’t add up. Can someone explain this to me?

arena rules
-Heroes and Items scaled down to level 20
-Dmg scaled down by 95%
-Mytystone affixes scaled down by 70%
-Stat cap scaled down by 60%

OK… I know that. That is not what I am asking. Example…

My Health is 40K Hit Points and my Power is 500 in the Practice Arena.
I level from 85 to 86 and add 3 to health.
I go back to the practice arena, and my new stats are 40.2 Hit Points and 497 power.
I level from 86 to 87 and add 3 to health.
I go back to the practice arena, and my new stats are 40.4 Hit Points and 494 Power.
I level from 87 to 88 and add 3 to health.
I go back to the practice arena, and my new stats are 40.6 Hit points and 491 power.

And I NEVER change my gear. All stats are the sane.

The ratio of stats you spec into is payed atention too when scaling your level down so your character does have stat points so if you have points in power and then you start putting them into HP the ratio of stats you will have on your character in arena will change

I don’t understand that. Sorry… I am a DQ idiot if it helps.

Nah I’m sure your fine but let’s say you spec entirely into power for your first 50 levels your arena character will be specked too have 57 points in power then if you spec into HP for the rest of the levels you will have 28/29 spec in arena of power and hp

That means because you leveled up your stats went up and the effect of the battle arena reduction in stats is slightly higher. As what Griffin is trying to explain.

OK… that makes sense. But also at the same time… doesn’t make sense. This is where I am confused.

If I have 500 power at level 85,and don’t put any more stats into power the rest of the way to 99, shouldn’t I still have 500 power at 99? What would the stat go down? Does the game add stat points besides what I spec into?

It’s because as you spec into stats other then power it changes the ratio of power too other points and adjusts your stats accordingly so your power goes down cause it removed power and added too hp or mp based on whatever’s been speced into

wait… you mean the game adjusts stats based on the current ratio of spec points invested?

Yes because it specs your points the way you have them speced when not in battle arena you just only have 57 of them as you are level 20 in battle arena so it specs them based on ratio

Yes, the game scales down your stats for arena based on the ratio of stat points invested

Lvl 98
Power 10 >>stats distributed 5
Health 286 >>stats distributed 281
Mana 10 >>stats distributed 5
Total Stats Distributed: 291
% Stats Power: (5/291) * 100% = 1.718%
% Stats Health: (281/291) * 100% = 96.564%
% Stats Mana: (5/291) * 100% = 1.718%

when scaled down to lvl 20:
Total stats distributable: 193 = 57
Power: 5 + (57 * 1.718%) = 6
Health: 5 + (57
96.564%) = 60
Mana: 5 + (57 * 1.718%) = 6

wow… DQ rewrote the book lol… thanks Griffin for the explanation.

I’m glad I could help :smile: :kissing_heart:

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