*sighs of relief*

time too run the victory lap


Thanks : D

Gz, gz, gz. Still on magic… Haha. Probably will never make eternal.

It’s OK skaul I believe in you one day you will make eternal it might be 12 years down the line but one day through ages of interspersed farm sessions when ur in the mood you shall make it

HA, twelve years! I’ll be dead by then.

Dungeon quest spoopy edition™


Do you remember how much hours you take? Just wondering…

Sorry no I don’t but I do have a rough estimate for the time my current XP farm build will take it’s probably faster then the estimate by a couple of hours honestly and I’m gonna be posting a build for it tonight with that estimate and a couple tips and tricks for completing your character ascension levels

My Eternal toon leveled from 1 to 99 in about 12 hours or so of game time. Took me maybe 1.5 or two days to do this. Ran floor 300s, 200% exp gear plus the occasional boosted (Enshrined perk) exp shrine which boosts exp% to 500%, max movespeed but I looted items too with my imp pet so that somehow doubled the time I guess. I think I averaged 4 minutes per Floor doing killings and lootings. Without the looting, its probably 1 to 2 minutes. The best thing about my leveling is that I can customize my gear to just do enough damage to 1 shot anything, and still have extra affixes for Crystalline, Eternalized, Nadroji, Luck, Gold Find and Item Find on gear, and still have enough defense to tank a few hits. :smiley:

edit: Forgot to add, I always make maps with pack size 100% and up and avoided skyfall map affix. With my setup above, gold and crystals are never a problem for rerolling maps. Can probably do this infinitely if just stay at 300s.

On eternal rank? Cause yeah that sounds about right if you did a good build