Silence (Trophy Skill)

Would Silence also affect Sanctuary effects?

No. It only keeps your opponent from casting for 2 seconds.

Thank you. I hope it will just to counter the effect of sanctuary. I know sanctuary is a great addition on PVP build to survive much more longer and turn the tide against your opponent. I’m just thinking of something that can negate that effect.

I cannot think of a way to negate your opponents sanctuary. Once triggered, the opponent is granted 1 second of immunity and has 10% health restored.

Those moment when your about to finish your opponent but the sanctuary will kick in. Terrible and frustrating moment, to think your opponent has 500K HP.

I have been in many of those battles and feel your pain (literally - the arthritis in my left hand from using the tablet too long during a battle). I believe I have been in ~20K arena matches since they released PvP. Haha

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Would be a nice addition on silence if they can implement this change in the game.

Gladly I’m not suffering from any of it. :joy:

That was a lot of battle. If only I have the luxury of time and also net speed. Haha. Terrible connection here.


I had a fair share of PvP battles too but somehow never felt or got arthritis but I do get tired at certain points. I even did well with terrible net speed when arena was publicly released.

Sanctuary certainly is one hell of an affix and a game changer in PvP but it’s nerfed a lot so it’s not as used anymore but boy it can be annoying on many builds as I’ve known. Even more so in the past.

I do remember somehow a build could bypass sanctuary by a bug or accident and kill me instantly such as Blinkstrike back in 2.0 or some other build or that the fire dot and bleed was way too fast that you couldn’t survive Sanctuary.

Well until sanctuary removed bleed dot and fire dot when they used to be OP. Stealth was once a big thing though and it could be annoying even in sanctuary but now stealth isn’t used in PvP for obvious reasons.

Still sanctuary is just one of those things.

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I was being silly about arthritis. I do not really have it but your hands can hurt after a huge bout of matches. I actually separated my digitizer cable on a 10" HD tablet about 8 months ago playing PvP (hands flexing the screen too much repeatedly). :joy:



Glad to know your not suffering from arthritis.

Trophy skill will only be activated after you’ve been hit by a skill. Is that right?

Yes, your opponents Trophy will activate (silence, root, slow) when you first attack them.